Friday, January 13, 2017

Hunter Renfrow: Cover Boy

Stay up to the end of the game Monday night? Ceil almost went to bed, but I told her she shouldn't. Didn't get to bed until 1 am. C cooked burgers and baked French fries, and tossed a salad.

Alabama had only given up 15 touchdowns in their previous 14 games. Down 14-0, Clemson scored 5 touchdowns in just over three quarters. Walk on receiver Hunter Renfrow (above) caught four touchdown passes in the two national championship games. I need to read up on his story. Deshaun Watson is the only college quarterback in history to appear in six postseason games.

Four teams had won the last seven national championships: Alabama, Auburn, FSU, and Ohio State. This year Clemson beat all four.
Tuesday after work I met my brother to get something he'd brought up from Macon. Went a different route home so I stopped by three stores I usually don't get to. Bought a pair of black Nike basketball sneakers. Now I have three pair of black Nikes with green trim. At least I've been selling some of my shoes. Here's the list of just my black sneakers:

Nike Crusader basketball black/teal "new"
Nike Air Max black black/teal
Nike Lunarthlon black/lime
Nike Flyknit black/white
Nike spikeless golf black/white
Adidas spikeless golf black/white (selling)
Reebok Fury black/white (selling)
New Balance 990 black/grey
Nike Huarache Trainer black/grey (might sell)
Nike Lunarthon black/orange
New Balance Minimus black/orange
Altra black/orange (already sold)
Crocs black

Some are old and worn and can't be sold, but I occasionally wear them all. Some are for yardwork and others to wear when I go out. This doesn't include other colored sneakers: blue, orange, red, silver, grey. Maybe it's time for a group picture

Baked chicken for Tuesday supper and Wednesday lunch. Ceil brought me a Chickfila sandwich to eat after our meeting at Johnson Ferry. Ceil and I are signing up for a Wednesday night class at Johnson Ferry. We'll probably be the oldest ones there, due to the nature of the class. Means I'll miss the rest of the winter's hot stove baseball meetings. The meeting was in the big classroom building. The third floor had several big classrooms filled with people in various Bible Studies. A lot going on. Since this first week was just an introduction, it only lasted 30 minutes. Only knew one guy out of six couples.

C had wanted to go to the library so that was our next stop. I'm usually in and out in less than 5 minutes, but it took her longer. I sat down and deleted 100 emails while I was waiting. I checked Phil Jackson's autobiography, so get ready for more Michael Jordan stories.

For some reason I got sick Wednesday night. It was after 10 pm. Felt terrible. Not sure if it was the baked chicken or CFA that got me sick. Went to bed around 11:30 but woke up around 1 am, still sick. Used it as an excuse to not exercise the next morning.

Meetings all day Thursday, but they're needed due to the new way we're doing things. A good time for the meetings because I'm relatively caught up. Plenty going on.

Friday night the Hawks are wearing their blue throwback uniforms, the ones with the green trim.

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