Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Had Another Dream

I had a dream this morning, just seconds before waking up. I wondered if it had been a nighttime sleep dream or if I'd been awake and daydreaming. Andy Stanley was talking - not really preaching - in a Baptist like sanctuary. As he spoke he was walking all around. People had filled all the pews, but I was the only other person standing, following him around, nodding in agreement, responding to the things he was saying. That's so not like me. As an illustration he walked out the door of the church to the "front porch" and said his son was going to sweep all the pine pollen off. In my dream I asked when, so I could watch. No one else had moved from their seats, they were still all facing forward, in the opposite direction. Perhaps it's a sign.

Then it seemed like we were at an office building similar to mine, but not exactly. We'd had a meeting, but it was over and we were packing up to go home. Not all the lights were on so it was hard to see. Co-worker Chris was leaving with me, but I was moving too slow so he went on ahead - walking down the hallway toward the stairwell, almost vanishing into the darkness. Perhaps it's a sign.

Earlier I had dreamed we were still living in our old house on Hillpine. There were clothes and laundry everywhere, piled up on the narrow stairway leading upstairs. I was trying to organize the mess, and get a load of laundry going. Then people started arriving, either to buy the house or for a yard sale. We went upstairs, and there were more clothes than we could ever sell. I was going to show Don and Angela Head the secret closet. Ceil had been working on the upstairs, and she had opened up all these spaces that I didn't know even existed. Perhaps it's a sign.

Since C was in Athens Friday I went the northern route home, and stopped by four stores. Bought a pair of sneakers, slacks, golf shirt, and boxers. Most I'd bought in a long time. Spent $33.40 for $420.00 in merchandise. Ate a plate of BBQ before leaving work, so that was supper.

10.00 110.00 Nike Air Marinos
04.33 080.00 Jerry Rice Raiders Jersey
04.07 030.00 Under Armour golf shirt
15.00 090.00 FootJoy golf slacks
00.00 085.00 Southern Tides golf shirt
00.00 025.00 Titans bobblehead
33.40 420.00 total
Saturday morning I woke up at 6:15 for my appointment at the Honda dealer. While there I was able to go through all my personal emails and get caught up. They were able to fix the airbag problem. Early next Saturday I'm taking the CRV for its recall.

Housework on Saturday. C turned on the inaugural prayer service. Since I'd worked so hard last weekend I tried to take it easier this weekend. Worked on the computer most of the afternoon and evening, finishing several small projects. Trying to decide what kind of sports watch to get. Surely that will help me exercise more. C cooked lasagna. M joined us for dinner. C watched the new Hallmark Channel movie.
JFBC on Sunday morning. Good sermon by Bryant, who briefly mentioned the AJC article. Long-time friends and prayer Bryant and Youseff had hoped the article would show how topics like the presidential vote was secondary to seeking the Kingdom of God, and how their friendship and brotherhood was not affected by their votes. As usual, the media focused instead on their divide over what they considered a secondary issue.

Leftovers for lunch and dinner. Watched some of the pregame, all of the game, and kept the TV on during the AFC Championship. Packaged some bobbleheads and did homework for Wednesday night. Had trouble sleeping both Saturday and Sunday night. Not sure why.

I've had bad experiences at McDonalds, most recently coming back from SC after Thanksgiving - the last time I frequented a McDonalds. Monday morning after our meeting at school C, M, and I had discussed grabbing breakfast, but didn't. Instead I swung by Taco Bell for a breakfast burrito. It was after most of the rush, and the restaurant had no other customers, so my order was made up quickly. Cooked properly, the shell was toasted and hot.

Didn't make it in to work until 8:45. Co-worker brought back nice shirts for everyone. I'd forgotten to give him a color preference, but we all received different shades of my favorite color: blue. Brad got Vineyard Vines and I got a sweet Southern Tide golf shirt. Might wear it Easter Sunday, and at the Masters should I be so lucky to get tickets. And at the EZGo Golf Tourney - again, should I be so lucky.

It was a morning of gifts. Another co-worker gave me the Tennessee Titans season ticket holder bobblehead, for the second straight year. I'll be the envy of all my bobblehead friends. Be on the lookout for a 4 foot tall John Gruden / Corona beer bobblehead on display in grocery stores, Wal-Marts, Targets, or liquor stores. They are a hot commodity. Not for sale, but the store manager might let you have it for $50-$100 cash. They're selling for $300-$1000 on eBay.

Worked until 6:30 Monday night, not because I'd arrived late, but there were several things I had to get done. Nancy had brought over a baked chicken, so C tossed a salad and baked sweet potato wedges. It was 8:30 before we were finished cleaning up. Jeopardy and Wheel. We were watching The Middle when the power cut off. The whole neighborhood was pitch black, and the wind was blowing a gale. C, Barney, and I just fell asleep on the couch. Eventually we were startled awake when the power came back on. Watched the last 30 minutes of Timeless before going to bed. It was the black Lone Ranger vs. Jesse James episode of Timeless.

Tuesday: met C and M at El Porton, the Mexican place next to the Stinky Kroger. Back home for Jeopardy and The Middle. Also did homework for our Wednesday night class.

The Trump administration reviewed my social media activity, and offered me the job as press advisor. I'm not going to make Trump jokes on social media because my liberal friends like them so much, while at the same time not allowing jokes (or truths) about Obama to go unchecked.

In May GT & UGA switch the site of their annual fund-raiser game from Turner Field to SunTrust Park. UGA is also playing another game there in April.

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