Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Super Bowl QBs by Number

1. Cam Newton
2. Matt Ryan
3. Daryle Lamonica, Russell Wilson
4. Brett Farve
5. Kerry Collins, Donovan McNabb, Joe Flacco
7. Craig Morton, Joe Theismann, Ron Jaworski, Boomer Esaison, John Elway, Ben Roethlisberger, Colin Kaepernick

8. Steve Young Troy Aikman Matt Hasselback Rex Grossman Trent Dilfer
9. Jim McMahon, Steve McNair, Drew Brees
10. Fran Tarkenton, Eli Manning
11. Joe Kapp, Phil Simms, Mark Rypien, Tony Eason, Drew Bledsoe
12. Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw, Ken Stabler, Jim Kelly, Stan Humphries, Chris Chandler, Rich Gannon, Tom Brady

13. Dan Marino, Kurt Warner
14. Ken Anderson, Neil O'Donnell, Brad Johnson, Aaron Rodgers
15. Bart Starr, Earl Morrall, Craig Morton, Vince Ferragamo, Jeff Hostetler
16. Len Dawson, Joe Montana, Jim Plunkett, David Woodley
17. Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams, Jake Delhomme
18. Peyton Manning
19. Johnny Unitas
Super Bowl Fun Facts (mostly from Uni Watch):
The NFC is designated as the home team this year, so the Falcons will most probably wear red jerseys.
Last year the Broncos (the AFC representative) chose to wear white, having lost all their Super Bowls wearing dark jerseys, but had previously won the Super Bowl while wearing white.
Matt Ryan is the first starting QB in Super Bowl history to wear number two. Now the only number between 1 and 19 without a starting QB is six.
The Falcons are the third team to wear two different primary jersey colors (red and black) in the Super Bowl (excluding white). The other teams are the Patriots (blue and red) and Broncos (blue and orange).
Teams with a primary color the same as their opponent's secondary color have a record of 8-1 in the Super Bowl. This bodes well for the Falcons (primary color = red) against the Patriots (secondary color = red).
I like Tom Brady and the Patriots, but I will pull for the Falcons. Can’t believe I don’t have any Falcons gear to wear, though I do have a Falcons bobblehead I might bring to work. Decided for the Super Bowl I would wear the same outfit I wore yesterday: Black crewneck sweater, white Izod polo underneath, black adidas warm-up pants, black baseball socks, and my Air Marino football sneakers.
Before and during the Falcons game there were several nice tributes to the Georgia Dome. Only facility to host the Super Bowl, Final Four, and the Olympics. Set the record for highest attendance for an NBA game, for Jordan’s last game as a Bull. Nice Wikipedia page listing everything that’s taken place in the dome, though it leaves out the Billy Graham crusade. Jimmy Johnson pointed out it was the site of his last win as a head coach. Didn’t realize that when it was built, the Georgia Dome was one of the three largest domes in the world. Now it looks small next to Mercedes Stadium next door.
This weekend I learned the Falcons had run a contest this past fall for the winner to take a tour of the new Mercedes Stadium, but I missed it. Turned out the winner wasn’t able to take the tour due to rain. Terry Bradshaw was really talking it up, saying there would be free refills on the $2.00 Cokes.

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