Thursday, January 05, 2017

Not in the Hall (updated)

The NFL Network updated their Top Ten list of players not in the Hall of Fame. Since it's a production made for the NFL, the hall's official title, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is just referred to as the hall of fame.

Best of the Rest:
Morten Andersen, the league's all-time scorer.
Harold Carmichael, Eagles WR
Roger Craig, SF RB
Randy Gradashar, Denver DL
Chuck Howley, Dallas LB / Super Bowl MVP
Tommy Nobis, Falcons LB
Drew Pearson, Dallas WR
Terrell Owens, SF WR
Otis Taylor, KC WR
Curt Warner, QB / Super Bowl MVP

Several Bengals and Raiders were mentioned as snubs.

10. Ken Anderson, Bengals QB. Played in Cincinnati. Made it to a Super Bowl but didn't win, due to a Chris Collinsworth fumble on the 10 yard line.

9. Steve Tasker, Bills WR. Should a special teams player be in the HOF?

8. Alex Karras, Lions DT. People have forgotten how good he was. Suspended for gambling, and never apologized - unlike golden boy Paul Hornung.

7. Ricky Watters, SF RB. Talented. His three touchdowns in the Super Bowl were overshadowed by Steve Young's six TD passes. Left SF after that game. Burned bridges. "Bad attitude."

6. Tony Boselli, Jags OT. Best tackle in the league for several years, before his career was shortened by injury. A reason the HOF voters should be more lenient.

5. Cliff Branch, Raiders WR. More prolific than Lynn Swann, but being a Raider may count against Branch.

4. Terrell Davis, Denver RB. The modern era's Gale Sayers. A prolific career shortened by injury.

3. Tiki Barber, NYG RB. Should the most productive player on a storied franchise be enough to make the HOF? Another player many dislike.

2. Jim Marshall, Vikings ironman DE (above). People remember the wrong way run, and being a non-factor in several Super Bowls. Now he's in a wheelchair.

1. Jerry Kramer, GB OG & K. Left out because of all the other Packers in the hall.

Not mentioned, of course, was Herschel Walker, who retired with the second most combined yards in NFL history. In the past I've compared him to Watters and Davis and Craig. Today let's focus on Barber. Despite playing in an earlier era where running backs didn't catch as many passes, Walker's NFL receiving stats almost equal Barber's. Walker scored 22% more touchdowns and had 5084 return yards to Tiki's 1725. Barber gained over 800 fewer yards than Walker, and that's not including the 7000 yards Walker gained in his first three pro seasons.
10449 055 586 5183 12 1181 1 17357 068 TB
08225 061 512 4859 21 5084 2 18168 084 HW
13787 115 642 6343 28 5084 2 25214 145 HW

I know, another Herschel post. Second this week. Just stumbled across another top ten. Not just any top ten, but a reworked list. This week the 2017 HOF finalists were named - Morten Andersen made it. Read where Pro Bowls and All-Pro seasons are heavily factored more than meaningless yards. This means players from losing teams face a tougher path than those on winning teams. Another strike against Herschel. 

The powerful NFL can do whatever they want. It's their list, on their network, about their league. But fewer people are watching.

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