Wednesday, January 04, 2017

What I Did on My Vacation

Being off work for so long was different – eleven days, probably a record. Stayed busy but also got some rest. Could've worked one day but then I wouldn't have gotten as much done around the house.

Sitting at a desk with a computer in front of me, and all my paperwork and files makes it easy to stay organized. I can do any research and look things up and type out emails on my keyboard. At home it's harder to work on my laptop, sitting on the couch or maybe at the table. Over my break I did look things up and made notes. Researched a few quick projects – enough content to keep the old blog going.

DEC 23: on the go all day: loaded trash in Anna's Jeep, filled it up with gas, drove to Norcross and dumped the trash, shopped for glasses on Howell Mill, Northside Drive Goodwill, picked up a Pappadeaux menu and a hubcap for Will, shopped four more thrift stores, another glasses place, a crowded Target, and Dicks Sporting Goods. Addressed Christmas letters tonight.

DEC 24: Left home just after 8 pm after M got home from work. Only place open for his supper was a Chinese place. Arrived at 1:30 am. Didn't get enough sleep.

DEC 25: Typical Christmas. Ham turkey chicken salad. Caught up on email. W and MC got their puppy a chew toy called "Duraforce Level 9." Okie had it torn up in 8 seconds.

DEC 26: C and A and W went shopping at the Avalon and to Whole Foods.

DEC 27: Will cooked French toast for breakfast. We visited Joel at his coffee shop behind the Westside Taqueria, then drove W to the airport. Got a ticket while dropping him off that I'll try to protest. Dropped off C at Lenox. Gridlock.

DEC 28: raked the front yard. Took a load to Goodwill. Bought a pair of pants and brown Clarks boots. C and I went to The Picture Show to see Inferno. C even liked it. Saw a coworker and his wife. He's a big Dan Brown fan as well. We were both unshaven, in sneakers and sweats.

DEC 29: cleaned upstairs. Worked in M's room. Did laundry and made major headway in the garage. Productive day.

A coworker's fortune cookie said his sports team would be successful this year. He said his Falcons were going to the Super Bowl. I reminded him the Super Bowl takes place in 2017 - next year. Those Chinese fortunes are specific, you know.

DEC 30: watched UGA beat TCU.

DEC 31: big football day: GT beat Kentucky, Alabama beat Washington. I really didn't watch that one close. Went over to a friend's house for the Peach Bowl. Homemade pizza. Was in bed before midnight.

JAN 1: No Sunday School at JFBC but we went to worship. MC's brother was playing keyboards with the praise band. Stopped by Publix on the way home. Watched some of the Falcons but not much.

JAN 2: Ceil and Matthew had school. I cleaned upstairs and did some laundry. All weekend I worked on unsubscribing email, so hopefully I won't get as much junk. Usually it doesn't work, but I ended my time off with clean email boxes. Carrie Underwood sang at the Passion Conference.

JAN 3: long lunch meeting. Had Jimmy Johns sandwiches. In the meeting I was having problems with my computer. Not sure why it wouldn't work when not plugged in. Hadn't had that problem before. Went back to my desk and it worked. And I had a bunch of emails all of a sudden.

L probably caught more fish in one day than Bill Angevine catches all year.
In the book "The Jordan Rules" John "Spider" Salley said the first step to guarding Michael Jordan was for the players to go to church or synagogue. Didn't realize there were that many Jewish players in the early 1990's NBA.

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