Monday, January 23, 2017

The March: Unifying or Dividing?

I'm in favor of women's rights. I'm in favor of equal pay for equal work. People have the right to peacefully protest, even against the new President on his first full day in office. I can certainly see why people - and women in particular - would want to protest against him.
Friday during the inauguration protesters in Washington smashed windows in a local Starbucks and Bank of America, two corporations who supported Hillary's campaign. The women's march demonstratively disallowed pro-life supporters from participating - not just during Saturday's march, but also in the early planning stages. It's also come out in the media that one-world government proponent George Soros (whose stated goal is to destroy the American economy) has direct ties to several organizers of the women's march. As he did in the violent black lives matter demonstrations, Soros continues to bankroll protests to further divide our country.  
One of the organizers of the women's march has repeatedly tweeted in support of sharia law - the polar opposite of women's rights. On a side note, she says sharia law outlaws interest being charged on credit cards. Does that not make islam a system of government that encourages citizens to roll up credit card debt? And can they force credit card companies to lend credit and money without receiving a return on their investment?
Perhaps many of the participants did not realize these obvious cracks in the march's foundation. Mavbe they did. Sure, no movement or event is spotless, though the chinks in this march are not insignificant. I knew several who participated: Laura, Mary Elizabeth, Jayne, her daughter Elisabeth, Scott, Wesley, Susan, two ladies from Noelle's Johnson Ferry small group, and others. I pray that as a Christian and American I can be wise to the ways of the enemy, and not become a puppet for the wrong side.
In her speech Madonna admitted she had considered blowing up the White House. The same Madonna who moved to England several years ago. The Detroit native who now speaks with a British accent - when it's convenient for her.
Some would say I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. One world government? The march was for women's rights! To protest Trump's election! Yet here we have it: women turned away for supporting life over abortion. Plus dots connecting the march to far more serious scenarios (if there was such a thing).
Based on statements and actions Trump has made in the past, many protest out of fear and uncertainty about their future, and the future of our country. I've certainly been there before. I still have serious concerns about the state of the world we live in. But I'm not going to live in fear. God is in control. My allegiance is to Him alone - not to this country, to a political party, an action group, demographic, or even to the Braves or Falcons. I'm not going to waste my time filling social media full of half-baked / half-true propaganda that will only further divide the people I know and love. God wants me to love others unconditionally. Not just people who think the same way I do.
Our country has turned it's back on God. The United States is not God's chosen country. That title belongs to Israel, and the entire world is in the process of turning its back on them. Not a wise thing to do.
Lots of back and forth in the media this weekend. Inaccuracies and untruths are being called out - perhaps more so than during the previous administration? Trump continues to act smug, even at Saturday morning's prayer service. But in some of his early actions I do see some signs of hope. Do others see the same things, or are they turning a blind eye?
When will people realize no one person will make everyone happy? Half the population will literally hate whoever's in office at any one time. In this age of social media a small minority can be made to look like a mass insurgency. Many liberals are turned off by Mike Pence's Christian views, just as conservatives dislike Al Franken's derisive banter. Only with God's help can our country truly come together, but I'm afraid that day may be long past – for our country, not us as individuals.
My favorite tweet for Abe, the Cheeseboy: I never see anyone ever marching in these marches. Get those knees up people!

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