Saturday, March 03, 2018

Braves: Changing Colors

News flash: in 2018 the Braves are changing colors
(or colours, as uniform guru Chris Creamer spells it). 
But fear not: the navy is just a shade darker - now a true navy.
Interesting to note the gold matches the gold worn by the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you forgot the Braves wear gold, remember the tomahawk.
Creamer included a cool Braves color timeline. Subtle color changes are actually quite common in sports. The Rockies were the most recent team to tweak a color - they changed the shade of purple.
In other Braves news, Chipper recently revealed why he eventually stopped wearing long navy stirrup socks and high-cuffed pants (from Uni Watch) - they didn't look good with the knee braces he had to wear.
Chipper first wore long socks when the entire team honored teammate Steve Bedrosian and his sick son - I was at that game in old Fulton County Stadium in 1995. 

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