Monday, March 26, 2018

Skipping Class

At work we have a monthly sales meeting. It's very informative and entertaining, a fun hour. Well organized, plus music. Anyone can add a joke if they dare. Plus we eat lunch, and what's not to like about that? As sergeant at arms I get to help pick out the menu every month (at least Renee lets me think I do). Every other month we have a barbecue, which I love.

This past Friday the sales meeting was scheduled, and barbecue was on the menu. At the same time another department planned a farewell luncheon for my long-time boss, the Ogre. I hated missing that, but I knew it probably wasn't kosher to blow off my department sales meeting - but I did anyway.

As usual I handled it poorly. I wanted to keep it low-key, so when it was time to leave for lunch I just slipped away from my desk without telling anyone. In hindsight I should've told my boss what I was doing, as that would have been the courteous thing for an employee to do. I had figured (incorrectly) that I wouldn't be missed.

The retirement lunch was at the Norcross Station Café, always a great place to eat. There were twelve of us, including the guest of honor (Beard, Amanda, Andrea, Anu, Ronnie, young Eric, Arrowhead, the Knitter, me, Frisbee, Keister, and the Ogre). I sat in the middle of the table so I was able to keep tabs on most all the conversations. A good time was had by all. I rarely hang with several attendees, so it was good to be there.

We arrived back at the office shortly after 12:30. I knew the sales meeting still had a good thirty minutes to go, so I went downstairs and snuck in the back, trying to keep it low-key. Fat chance. Several people saw me and didn't make a big deal about it. But not Angie. Her head was on a swivel, looking to the front and then back to me. She made sure everyone around her saw me in the back.

I admit it did look strange for me to stand back there, partially hidden by a partition. Later I said my plan is to always act a little strange - that way when I finally go off the deep end, people can say "you know, he was acting a little strange lately." At the 2:30 cake cutting I got to act strange again (in front of the regional VP), ad-libbing my speech in an effort to shorten it and cut out details others had shared, in-advertently leaving out a funny line. Afterward Beard hilariously quipped "anyone want to follow that?"

After work as I walked out to the parking lot (carrying a big pan of barbecue sauce) I was able to have a good laugh with two coworkers who'd seen me sneaking around. In all a fun day, with lots of laughter.

At the retirement lunch the Ogre mentioned he'd heard I had a blog. Not exactly what I wanted for half the coworkers at the lunch to discuss. It appears word of my blog is getting around the office. Of course I brought it upon myself, posting Sherry and Born's retirement speeches for all to read. Not much of a big deal. I don't write about work that much. As I've said before my blog is a place I can post things I've been thinking about. Typing them up gives me a chance to think about how I feel about the topic, be it sports, family, politics, current events, or God. I can make a list of my favorite cars or movies and post that. Things I like to go back and re-read.

The weekend: after a slow week my customer got cranking on Friday and Saturday. I had to enter an order Saturday night that miraculously got delivered this morning.

Left work Friday shortly before six. Watched some of Clemson/Kansas. The Tigers kept throwing the ball away, but managed to keep the score respectable in the end. Ceil cooked black beans and rice.

Worked around the house most of Saturday. Four loads of laundry, and it barely made a dent. Straightened up thinking W&MC might come over. Will had driven MC over for her sister's bridal shower, then spent the time studying at a coffee shop in Roswell. They needed to hurry back to Augusta, so I didn't get to see them. I also got a haircut and checked out three books from the library.
Met three couples at "Fresh to Order" a restaurant across from the Pine Straw Plaza Trader Joes. I ordered a "small plate" – three chicken tenders and garlic mashed potatoes (I forgot to substitute the side item. Good chicken, and several of the other dishes looked good too. After dinner they went to see the movie "Paul: Disciple of Christ" but I went home and watched basketball. Also the Brooke Shields movie "Hot Flashes" about an older women's basketball team. Also starred Eric Roberts, Catherine Manheim, and Daryl Hannah. 

Saturday night after work M's old band "Swim Moms' played a reunion concert for one of his band member's brother's birthday party.

Sunday AM: we had 37 in SS. The class is really growing. I counted nine members who were missing, including two in route to Taiwan on a mission trip. For the first half of the long contemporary service people were drifting in, many with Starbucks-like coffee drinks from the coffee shop located just outside the gym entrance . A young associate pastor preached the first half of his sermon, then the praise team sang a song. Then the associate pastor came back to finish his sermon. For the second half of the service people were drifting out. After the sermon the praise team sang three long songs. When the service finally ended the worship leader exclaimed "If you weren't moved by this service, come talk to us." I think he MEANT to say "come let US talk to YOU." If I went to talk to him like he asked, I don't think he'd listen much.

If I'm not early I have a hard time being able to worship. Takes me a while to get settled and set in my surroundings. I've heard both Andy Stanley and Bryant Wright specifically ask that people stay in their seats until the service is over.

Saturday night at dinner I had been discussing this same topic with my friend Lee. Like me, he had been distracted during last week's service by the family enjoying their dome-lidded frappuccinos during the service. I guess some people can worship like that, but I can't.

Lunch was chicken, rice, and salad. Took a nap. Watched some basketball. Duke was leading late – until I flipped over to the game. Exciting ending.

Headed over to SunTrust Park after work for Braves/Yankees. Temps will be 47-48 degrees. Gonna bundle up and wear gloves.

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