Thursday, March 15, 2018

Like a Good Neighbor?

State Farm recently send me notice of cancellation for my homeowners policy (instead my agent withdrew the cancellation - but doubled by deductible). The reason I was cancelled? I filed too many claims! A whopping four claims in the 22 years we’ve been in the house. That averages out to one claim every 5-1/2 years. My agent has said more than once that the purpose of a homeowners policy is to be in place in case of a catastrophe. That I was one of his last customers with a $1,000 deductible.

My agent said State Farm was concerned that we had filed four water-related claims. Seems like someone could’ve cared enough to research my file. All four claims (over the 22 years) occurred in four different areas of the house. All four were unrelated (1) downstairs bathroom, (2) upstairs shower, (3) pipes bringing water into the house, and (4) roof damage from hurricane. While insurance paid for partial repairs, to this day the kitchen floor and upstairs shower remain torn up. We also need a new roof. Like a good neighbor? I don’t think so.    

You mean to tell me thousands of other homeowners with non-catastrophic claims related to last September’s hurricane didn’t file with their insurance company? Every time I filed a claim my agent warned me that “State Farm” often cancelled policyholders who filed too many claims. So we had been warned. Aaron Rodgers accidentally throws a golf club through his plate glass window, and that’s covered. His buddy Clay Matthews crashes his drone into Rodgers’ pickup and that’s covered. I don’t see State Farm cancelling Aaron Rodgers.  

My auto policies have also increased substantially. Though I told them in writing more than once that I didn’t want them tracking my driving, they sent me the devices anyway. It didn’t take much research to determine the program discounts aren’t worth the extra fees they charge after the first year. While State Farm deluges me with solicitations for more business, they fail miserably at actually listening to customers (at least in my case). I have been a customer for over 40 years, since I was 16 years old. That they take me for granted is a tremendous understatement.

Business must be good at State Farm. They just built a new high-rise across from Perimeter Mall – expensive real estate. But based on their repeated behavior, they have clearly communicated they don’t want my business. This is a request I am working to fulfill.
Anna made it to the NC outer banks around 10:30 last night. They took the shortest route – through the Chesapeake Bay tunnel.

Wednesday night we watched an old episode of Psych. The Middle was kinda depressing so we turned it over to golf – last year’s Arnold Palmer tourney, played not long after Palmer had passed away. Rory was tearing it up. Rory McElroy. Not Gilmore Girls Rory.

Also watched MLB Network. They were focusing on the Braves, so it was interesting. Smoltz was interviewing Braves players, especially pitchers.

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Noneya said...

I too have State Farm for my auto. A few weeks ago someone backed into me who also has State Farm. They totaled my car and my agent who I have had for only about 30 years wont help me. Now I don't have a car because they wont offer enough to buy a car that's not junk. Mine was not. With neighbors like that I'll need to move!