Monday, March 12, 2018

On to New York

More photos from Anna's trip.
Man I've been taking advantage of Wendy's double stack for a dollar deal way too much. March 2, 4, 10, 11, and more. Then this Friday we split a chicken sandwich at Moxie Burger but split the large fries. Saturday night C was hungry so we both ordered sandwiches (and a small fry). But I'm actually down a couple of pounds since Friday, and I'm eating salad for lunch today.
So Friday I worked until six. Checked on Anna and saw that she and her roommates her headed north, through Charlotte and Greensboro and eventually Richmond, stopping for the evening in Washington. After Moxie Burger (at the Roswell Mill, very crowded) we went back home and watched the last four episodes of Gilmore Girls. Good stuff. Kept an eye on UVA/Clemson.
Worked around the house most of Saturday. Ceil too. First time since my surgery, really. Got a lot done. Had to run some errands so I stopped by Wendy's for lunch, then Whole Foods to see Matthew grilling burgers outside. Later that afternoon I drove Ceil to Perimeter Mall. On the way home we couldn't decide where to eat. Forgot about Pappasitos so we hit the original Paper Mill Moxie Burger. Got there just before the rush. Should've gotten a chicken sandwich since they're so good. Burger was good too. Got to see Tiger finish his round. Went home and watched the first of four Gilmore Girls updates.

Anna had good weather in Washington: Library of Congress, US Capitol tour, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, etc. They had rented bikes as well.

Sunday: JFBC for SS and worship. Then Wendy's on the way to MARTA. Super crowded with soccer fans, who would all arrive late to their 3 pm match. Decent crowd at the Hawks game, considering their record, the damp weather, the soccer game next door, etc. Hawks got an early lead but couldn't hold it. MARTA not quite as crowded on the way home, but lots of soccer fans had left early. Got home and rested: laptop, Hallmark Channel, Gilmore Girls. I popped corn, and M picked up PaPa Johns Pizza.

Anna's gang visited the Museum of the Bible and Grace Church. This morning Anna and the girls left DC before 6 am headed for NYC. Not much traffic.

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