Thursday, March 22, 2018

NFL Uniform Rankings

A legit blogger in Chicago recently ranked the NFL uniforms, and did a good job (that is, I agreed with most of his choices).
32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I wouldn’t call them awful
31. Browns: the worst in my book, but there are rumors of a change
30. Jaguars (at least they’re changing)
29. Rams (they’re working to change)

BAD (4)
28. Titans are changing next month. Nice colors.
27. Cardinals. Great helmet / bad unis.
26. Bengals. Nice helmet.
25. Panthers. Nice square numbers. Not terrible except for the teal socks.

24. Falcons are bad if not awful. Not so bad when they win. Great throwbacks.
23. Patriots: same deal – win and they’re ok.
22. Ravens are ok as long as they don’t go all black
21. Broncos. Due for a change.
20. Chargers – I rank them as bad. Too plain. Navy pants?
19. Dolphins: rumors of a change? Hope so. I say they’re bad.
18. Texans. Average.

GOOD (8)
17. Cowboys: used to be great
16. Saints are just close in my book: no all black, please
15. Redskins are almost great.
14. Eagles aren’t good. Maybe close. Actually bad.
13. Colts are great.
12. Jets aren’t good, but close.
11. Chiefs are near the top in my book
10. Packers are just good. I hate the collar.

9. Giants – indeed.
8. Vikings – what? They are close at best, almost bad.
7. Lions may just be good, but they’re better than they used to be.
6. Seattle may just be near the top of the good pile.

5. Raiders. Even their color rush is good.
4. Steelers. Nice alts as well.
3. 49ers. I would just call great. But black alternates?
2. Bears. Good throwbacks to boot.
1. Bills. I would just call great.

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