Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Who's Indoctrinating Who?

Disturbing article about college administrators suppressing Christian free speech at Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, and Gwinnett College while encouraging free speech for other more liberal groups. A harrowing comment from a dean at Georgia Tech, who admitted “students have been indoctrinated for the first 18 years of their lives by their parents and by their churches; we only have four years to undo the damage.”

Tech prides itself as one of the finest schools in the land. They spend millions on publicity. Students and alumni go out of their way to shout “To HELL with Georgia!” The band plays the Budweiser song at every sporting event, and the crowd goes wild. Yet this is the tip of the iceberg. Students, faculty, and administrators are getting exactly what they want. Good riddance. Not that any other public university is better. “Bastion of higher learning” my ass.

We aspire to be an Institute that pursues excellence and embraces and leverages diversity in all its forms. In the years ahead, we must continue to enhance a culture of collegiality, close collaboration, global perspective, intercultural sensitivity and respect and thoughtful interaction among a community of scholars that includes all of our students, faculty, and staff.” – Georgia Tech Strategic Plan.

Obviously this is nothing but feel good window dressing.

Someone in the local media caused a ruckus saying UGA should drop the annual GT game so they could strengthen their schedule. The guy (Brandon Adams?) said it was no longer a rivalry. I’m sure he was just trying to stir the pot, get readers and listeners. He must’ve forgotten that GT has won two straight between the hedges.

Monday night Ceil cooked homemade pizza and tossed a salad. Tuesday at work we had Mellow Mushroom pizza. Tuesday night we had grilled chicken and salad.

C had a meeting Tuesday night and Thursday night. Tonight I have my hot stove meeting, the last one until November. Gwinnett GM North Johnson is the speaker.
Last night on the way home I bought a Gwinnett Braves cap for $1.60, adding to my Braves cap collection (below, with my favorites ranked top to bottom).

Braves black road cap snapback
Boston Braves navy/red fitted
Braves navy tomahawk BP cap fitted
Gwinnett St. Patrick’s green adjustable
Greenville Braves snapback
Boston Braves grey/navy fitted
Braves navy road fitted (tight)
Braves 72 royal/white fitted (tight)
Braves 4th of July cap fitted (too big)
Braves 82 royal fitted (tight)
Gwinnett navy/red adjustable
Braves home fitted stretch (tight)

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