Monday, March 05, 2018

Wedding Shower Weekend

We were on the go more than usual this weekend. Got packed up and hit the road at nine of Friday. C had to stop at Starbucks before we left. Will had a test on Friday so we didn’t see him on the way over. Ceil did want to stop at a store, so while she shopped I gassed up and grabbed a double stack at Wendy’s for lunch. On the way to Wendy’s I noticed a big bus pulling into a fast food place on Washington Road. After I got gas I passed by the bus – it had gotten stuck in the driveway.

Then on the way back to get Ceil there was another fender bender. Coming back to Chickfila and the interstate traffic was gridlocked. Made it to Jefferson by three. Ceil had to start working on the wedding shower prep, so I drove Joan 30 miles south to Hartsville to shop for a present. Ceil and the ladies worked on into the evening, so later I drove ten miles up the road to grab supper in Pageland. Later Ceil grabbed a pizza with her friend Jackie. I watched lots of golf on Friday and Saturday but missed the final round on Sunday. Those up and comers that contended must’ve faded away. Also watched the end of Duke/UNC Saturday night.

Saturday breakfast: sausage balls. I went pistol shooting with Uncle Lennie and Aunt Corrine. A big crowd (17) the most ever, including at least seven repeaters (including Lennie, Corrine, and me). Came back and ate leftover pizza. Then I had to run up to Pageland again to get Ceil lunch. She ate two McDonalds burgers and some French fries. I got me a chocolate shake. By the time it was time to go to the shower my stomach was feeling queasy, from all the junk I’d been eating.

The shower for my nephew Zane and his fiancé Laura was up at the golf course. The big question everyone had was what to wear. At the end several of the guys were wearing nice jeans, but Rusty and I wore khakis. Several of the younger guys wore ball caps. Rusty almost always wears a cap, but left his at home for the shower. I was one of the last to go through the buffet line, so I missed out on the meatballs. I skipped the wings, but had a small pork tenderloin sandwich, sausage dip, spinach dip, carrots, and pineapple. I passed on the banana cupcakes but grabbed two small cups of banana pudding.

The hostesses were Ceil, Jackie, Susan, and Kelly. Laura’s sister from Smyrna was there, so I talked to her husband about SunTrust Park. Lots of beer drinking at the shower, but I grabbed a Diet Coke. I was going to try the bright green rum punch but never got around to it. When I was leaving the young people were warming up the karaoke machine. I had practiced all afternoon but had to miss it. Later I read an email article on karaoke tips. Ceil said not much happened after I left, just some photo taking.

Left about 8:30 to take Joan home. I didn’t notice but when we arrived home a small bird got in the house. We were sitting there watching TV when we spotted the bird flying around. I tried to track it down, closing various doors so it wouldn’t be so hard to get it out. At one point I trapped the bird in the laundry room. I closed the door and we were watching TV but the bird hopped out under the door. Ceil arrived home and joined the chase. She tossed a towel over the bird and carefully took it outside.

I slept late Sunday morning. We left Jefferson around 10:30 and drove to Augusta for lunch with W&MC. MC cooked boneless chicken breasts, rice, and grilled broccoli and carrots. Very good. Will showed us his pictures from Peru. Got back on the road and averaged 28.3 mpg on the way home. Stopped by Dekalb Farmers Market and Wendy’s on the way home. I finally got my 700 emails cleared out.

I have no big desire to go to spring training. Would rather see regular season games. Friday in the car we were listening to sports talk on 680. Ceil heard a commercial for the spring training trip contest. She wanted me to enter so she could go to Orlando. Gonna be a busy spring – something seven straight weekends, including seven baseball games.

3.27 TUE Braves game
4.01 SUN Easter
4.06 FRI Rome Braves game
4.08 SUN Masters Sunday
4.14 SAT Gwinnett game
4.19 THU Braves game
4.20 FRI Braves game
4.28 SAT wedding in Colombia SC
5.04 FRI Braves game
5.10-11 Will’s graduation
5.12 SAT Gwinnett game
5.13 SUN Mother’s Day

Hopefully I will skip the May 17 UGA game and May 18 game in Rome. That would be nine games in eight weeks!

GT: I couldn’t believe Lammers had such a good game. Yesterday they won again. Will they win their first game this week?

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