Saturday, June 13, 2015

Falcons by the Numbers: # 2

Only three players have worn number 2 for the Falcons. The best is obvious: Matt Ryan – perhaps the greatest quarterback in Atlanta history. Great player and a good citizen to boot.

Former Georgia Bulldog Todd Peterson wore number two in 2005, and kick returner Clarence Verdin of LSU rocked the number back in 1994. Verdin is one of nine Falcon players whose last name started with a V.

Two is a number with little history, making it one of my least favorites. Most great number 2’s are of relatively recent vintage: Derek Jeter has set the standard. Little leaguers around the country wear the number to emulate him. Moses Malone, Alex English, Doug Flutie, Tim Couch, Aaron Brooks. UGA Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Trippi wore number two in the NFL.  

Braves: Alex Gonzalez was a great leader and solid shortstop. Marty Martinez was a late 60’s favorite. Rafael Belliard played great defense during the 90’s playoff run. Barry Bonnell helped fellow Mormon Dale Murphy become great. Albert Hall hit for the cycle. Rico Brogna was a free agent flop.

At Tech QB Mike Kelley quick-kicked a record 90 yard punt. Mario Butler was a solid DB. Punter Rodney Williams made All-America. QB Vad Lee wanted to pass, so he transferred.

UGA: Tim Wansley made All-SEC. Also Brandon Boykin and Demario Minter.

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