Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sneaker Shopping With Anna

Monday evening I went with Anna to check out sneakers. She hadn’t gotten a new pair since 8th or 9th grade. She tried some on at the nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods then we went home to shop on line. She pretty much settled on one design but wasn’t sure about the color. I told her to sleep on it. Today she ordered the Nike Lunartempo Persian Violet/Flash Lime/Light Aqua/White. She hopes they're more blue than violet.

M had a doctor’s appointment Monday afternoon then went over to McKinnon’s house. Will had a dentist’s appointment then got a pair of eyeglasses to replace the ones he’d broken. Anna also ordered glasses. Ceil went to Breadbeckers for grain to make bread. A pretty expensive day – all this stuff adds up.

The Braves won again. This year each win is special and to be savored. Losses are to be expected. You never know if a pitcher is going to pan out until you run him out there, and already this year the Braves have tried out more than their share. Perez has been more of a surprise than Folty, but both are welcome additions. Miller has been better than expected. Teheran hasn’t been the second coming of Cy Young, but he could go on a hot streak at any time. This weekend I was looking at the Gwinnett roster. There are at least four pitchers that can be called up to strengthen the bullpen at any time. The big club has been adding and subtracting every week so far, so there’s no reason to think that won’t continue. Fans who say the front office isn’t interested in fielding a winner just aren’t paying attention.

Did you see the great catch Gomes made? Perhaps the return to Fenway had him on the top of his game. Pedroia was robbed and he had to smile. Hopefully the fans gave Jonny a nice ovation. Boston is 27-37 and reeling – pointing fingers and calling team meetings. A good week to face the Sox. Hopefully the weather won’t postpone today’s game.

On the recent issue of Sports Illustrated on page 33 is a photo of Kyle Korver defending a JR Smith shot. Check out the expression on the face of the fan on the front row, and what he’s wearing. If you don’t have your SI with you, its Rutherford Seydel in some sort of Hawks vest over a red long sleeve T shirt.

And whatever happened to Scott O Seydel? Lost track of him after coaching him in Mighty Mites in the early 80’s. Don’t answer, Don Head – I will tell you. Graduated from UGA in 1998 and received a MBA from South Carolina. Worked at Arthur Anderson, Price Waterhouse leveraging internet based technologies for several Fortune 500 companies. Worked for a bank in Argentina and at the American Cancer Society. Is now President of   the Seydel Company, a textile company in Pendergrass. Kids go to E Rivers. Posts videos on YouTube. At least we have one thing in common.

Bobbleheads: trying working to trade a David Justice for a Cubs’ Joe Maddon.

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