Saturday, June 20, 2015

Falcons Number 13

Though several have worn the number, few number 13's have stood out for the Falcons.

Billy Joe Tolliver (1991-1993) was one of Jerry Glanville's favorites. That excludes him. Browning Nagle (1995) was a backup. Tony Graziani (1997–98) took a beating. FSU's Danny Kanell (1999–2000) is Mark Richt's brother-in-law. Oregon QB Joey Harrington (2007) never lived up to his promise. I bought TWO of his jerseys on clearance (one white, one black). Darius Johnson (2013) and T.J.Yates (2014) round out the list.
Punter Chris Mohr (2001–04) contributed more than any other number 13.

NFL: Dolphin Dan Marino. Ram Kurt Warner. Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott, a Georgia alum. Jet receiver Don Maynard. Steady Browns QB Frank Ryan won championships.

Braves: Ozzie Guillen.

Tech QB's Tevin Washington, Donnie Davis, and Taylor Bennett were efficient, not flashy, but not enough to take Tech to the promised land.

UGA All-Americans Catfish Smith, Jake Scott, and punter Drew Butler.

Wilt Chamberlain may have been the greatest number 13 of them all.

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