Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tom House = Forrest Gump?

While I knew Tom House worked with football and baseball players, there was so much that I didn't know. That he admitted to taking steroids but gave them up when they didn't help. That he worked on the Million Dollar Arm project (I may have heard about him doing that). That he worked with Tom Brady and Drew Brees. He's lived quite a life: pitching for USC, Atlanta, and Boston. Catching Aaron's 715th (below). Hogan's Heroes. Degree in psychology. Pitching coach in the MLB and USC. Mentioned by Nolan Ryan in his HOF induction speech.
Guess tonight and tomorrow the Ted will be loaded with Boston fans.

ROB: Tom House is like Forest Gump - he has shown up everywhere over the last 50 years.

Lot's of talk about if the Braves should be buyers or sellers. I think a playoff spot is out of reach. It looks like it will take 88 wins to either grad a wild card spot, or win the division (at the Mets current pace). However I think at some point, the Nats will go on one of their runs where they win 13 out of 15 games. The Braves would have to play .588 ball to get them to 88 wins - I don't think that is realistic.

However I also would rather not see them trade Grilli, Jim Johnson, Kelly Johnson and Maybin and concede the rest of the season and finish with 90+ losses.
ME: Was reading the SI with the Royals on the cover. On page 33 there's a photo of Korver defending JR Smith. Between them you can see part owner Rutherford Seydel cheering. Usually he wears a suit but in the photo he's wearing a weird Hawks vest and red long sleeve tee – and mom jeans.

Rutherford reminded me that in the early 80's I coached young Scotto Seydel in Mighty Mite basketball. Goofy unathletic kid with a big smile. Yesterday I googled him – now a UGA grad with a MBA running his family business. Still lives in Buckhead. Also stumbled across a blog written by Jane Fonda, sharing visits to family in Atlanta and going to a Hawks game. She posted lots of photos taken on her iPhone.

Going from outfield to pitcher, Jeff Francoeur is like Rick Ankiel in reverse. A baseball Benjamin Button.

Bought a nice navy Braves Heyward jersey.

Neither M or A got jobs at El Felix. He wants to screen print T-shirts. M didn't get much of a scholarship for next year, so tuition will double. Not sure if his poor grades were a factor. He needs to get his driver's license, which will make the insurance jump. Anna wants to do sorority rush. C is painting the living room. Looks good.

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