Sunday, June 14, 2015

Falcons by the Numbers: # 3

My man at the Falcoholic blog must have a thing against kickers. FACT: Great teams employ great kickers. Special teams is truly one third of the game. Spoken like a former kicker, which I am.
Bobby Hebert was a solid QB – even at the end of his career when he played for the Birds. The subject of a George Constanza pronunciation rant won a USFL Championship (below) before matriculating south to the Saints (above). After retiring Hebert returned to New Orleans where he is part of the Saints radio broadcast team. Even though Hebert was an upgrade over his Falcon predecessors, I don’t see how any Saints hater can pick this former rival as the greatest Falcon number three.
Instead, current Falcon kicker Matt Bryant (top) is the greatest to wear the number. Bryant is clutch, consistent, and great from long distances.

Honorable Mention: Former Bulldog Bobby Etter was the first consistent kicker employed by the Falcons. A good-old straight on toe kicker, Etter made the Pro Bowl.

Others: Long-time backup QB DJ Shockley, also from UGA. Sports Illustrated cover-boy kicker Scott Bentley from FSU. Punters Dave Smigelesky from Virginia Tech and Rick Donnelly from Wyoming.

OTHERS: Babe Ruth. Allen Iverson. Bronko Nagurski. Darryl Lamonica. Jan Stenerud. Peter Gogalak.
UGA: Todd Gurley. QB DJ Shockley was a one year wonder. Kicker John Kasay set records in college and at Carolina. Peter Rajecki (above) was UGA’s first soccer-style kicker. Will played high school baseball and intramural football with Rajecki's son.

Tech: QB Todd Rampley led the Jackets to a bowl victory. QB Mike Jolly started as a freshman in 1976. Will Glover played solid defense.

Fun Fact: Edgar Renteria was the last player to wear number 3 for the Braves before the number was retired in honor of Dale Murphy.

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