Monday, June 15, 2015

Night at the Theater

Around noon Friday I hit the wall – completely worn out from the week. Luckily the day wasn't to too busy and I was able to enter all the remaining orders I needed to enter. Then I cleaned up a lot of paperwork off my desk. Worked til six then drove straight home. Ceil wanted to see Cinderella at the Picture Show so I tagged along. Two tickets, a jumbo Coke, and tub of popcorn was $13.75. Normally I get the tub refilled but wasn't feeling it this time. The movie wasn't bad. I'm a big Kate Blanchett fan even when she plays the wicked stepmother.

This weekend a friend was complaining about paying $42.00 for he and his son to see a movie that had just come out, along with some snacks. It is ridiculous, but so many people are willing to pay those prices. And so many people just have to go see just about every movie that comes out. They might be more careful with their money if they had to earn it themselves.

Saturday I was going to get the emissions done in my car since the check engine light wasn't on. Then on the way the light came on. So I ran all my other errands: bank deposit, returned a RedBox video, got gas. Back home I cleaned out my car and washed it. Will was going to drive it to Athens for a wedding but he never stopped by – he must've been running late. Washed a couple of loads of laundry. Ceil painted in the living room all day.

Next I cleaned out Anna's Jeep so I could take the old sofa to the dump. This meant taking everything off that had piled up on top of the sofa for the past two weeks. Had to saw off one of the legs to make it fit. The sofa filled up the Jeep so I couldn't take anything else. Matthew rode with me and we stopped by Taco Bell and RaceTrac on the way, plus a couple of thrift stores and Wendys on the way home.

By the end of the afternoon all the going in and out of air conditioning had me sneezing uncontrollably, as it sometimes does during the summer. I took a nap before dinner. Anna went off to a sleepover at Caroline Hargreaves. While they were in Turkey a man offered Robert Hargreaves four camels in trade for Caroline. He declined. C and M went to the grocery and brought back pizza for dinner.

I watched the Braves comeback win. This year they're not giving up even when things go wrong. Sunday when Folty and the bullpen couldn't hold the lead I heard the same old complaints from friends who supposedly know a thing or two about baseball. The bullpen got the blame but the starter was just as bad. Nothing about the Braves going into the game a mere 2-1/2 games out of the division lead, or how GM John Hart has been quick to move out those not performing. The roster moves will continue. Nothing about how strikeouts are down. The Padres are learning two things: BJ Upton makes just about every situation worse, and having the best closer in the game doesn't help when the other relievers can't hold the lead. How quickly Braves fans have forgotten this. I'm surprised Tanner didn't complain about the lack of home runs being hit. That's what it's all about, right?

ARod reached the 2000 RBI plateau and only ranked behind Aaron. ARod only needs 5 hits to reach 3000. He had 666 home runs, about 100 away from Bonds. Guess he'll hang around trying to break that record.

The sneezing continued throughout the night. C fixed me an egg & cheese muffin for breakfast Saturday. Lunch was Anna's favorite chicken burritos. I cleaned upstairs, washed and folded more laundry, and worked on eBay. Lot s of interest on an old Braves jersey and a bid on a Tigers jersey. Watched the Braves and part 3 of The Stand, and later the end of the basketball game. C had taken M to Passion and Taco Mac. They saw actress Scarlet Johansen at Taco Mac. Next Sunday at Passion Louie is interviewing Kyle Korver.

Would you agree that LeBron is the best player of this era? Is he better than Kobe in his prime? Neither have as many titles as MJ, but MJ doesn't have as many as Bill Russell. Hard to compare different eras. Both MJ and LeBron would be great in any era, but I still think MJ is the best.

All these Falcon posts won't be taking the place of any regular posts, but I might double up until I can catch up with the Falcoholic blog.

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