Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Dream

Last night I dreamt I was chaperoning at a camp. We were getting ready to play a game. It took me a while, but I finally figured out if I wore black it would be harder to detect me. Looked in the storage cupboard where I kept my clothes but could only find short sleeved black shirts with writing on them. One was a tank top I absolutely refused to wear. The large room was divided into a girls half and a boys half, but the girls kept pushing the dividing boxes to make their half bigger. I finally had to take a stand so I stood up and told the girls their side was so many inches and the boys side was only so many inches, completely making up the measurements.

We were all hanging around before we went to the airport, when we saw the Normans' white horse had gotten loose. I had to take the horse back to the Normans' house. On the way I saw a panther, so I was going to take a group picture of the panther and the horse together - but the panther had walked away. The horse suggested a shortcut through the woods down a dirt road I hadn't seen. Now that I think about it, the horse might not have spoken to me about the shortcut but instead might have just nodded his head over in that direction. (Note: I had seen the commercial with the white talking horse on the beach before going to bed last night).

On the way to get our plane tickets I did a bad job of describing a movie to Lucy Bailey. She did a good job of acting interested. The movie starred the girl from the Hunger Games, but in my dream I couldn't remember her name. We were in a long line but realized there were no cashiers anywhere to be seen. On the trip Lucy took great interest in looking over the side of the vehicle (plane? balloon? car? bus? Six Flags Sky Bucket?). On I-75 south of Atlanta there was this huge excavation with tunnels and bridges being built. I was afraid to look down but Lucy loved it.

At the terminal the wait was forever. The TV's were tuned to football recap shows, since it was a Sunday night in the fall. Lee Bailey was hunkered out at the seating area next to mine. He had ordered a small but expensive cup of tiny raw shark bits. I was going to hand the cup to Lee but I accidentally stuck my finger in the cup, touching the shark bits and knocking one out onto the counter. The waiter was going to reduce the price on Lee's now contaminated cup of shark bits, but Lee ambled off to the next station - where ice cream was sold. Then it hit me: we were on an expense account so I could order whatever I wanted - and it was time for dinner. This dream was getting better and better.

Lee came back with a huge bowl of chocolate mint chip ice cream. I asked him what the dish was called so I could order the same thing. Lee said it was called "The Doughnut." In my dream I immediately disliked the name doughnut and decided that I was going to call the dish by a more accurate name: The Brick. I also thought how Drew Kelly would want me to keep the doughnut name.

I looked over to Lucy to see if she wanted ice cream and she nodded yes. I was headed over to the ice cream stand debating whether I should eat that much ice cream. The obvious answer was no.

Unfortunately, that's when I woke up.

As I got ready for work bits and pieces of my dream kept flying through my mind. I used the voice function on my phone to send myself an email with details so I wouldn't forget. I felt bad that I hadn't included Lynn in my dream. I could write her in now and no one would be the wiser, but I couldn't think of anything good for her to do.

The End.

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