Monday, June 22, 2015

Mr. 2999

So ARod got two or three hits last Friday night. One to go to 3000. Players can perform better when they’re not trying to hit 100 home runs a game.  They were showing the Grilli bobblehead to be given away July 3, a Friday night.

Thursday M worked outside and had a little sunburn. He had eaten wings before I got home. Will was at trivia and Anna was babysitting so C and I ate alone – chicken and peas. She ran to Whole Foods and I watched the Braves and worked on the computer.

Friday: Slept 30 minutes late this morning. My best sleep is right when its time to wake up. Stopped at the post office and RaceTrac on the way and was only 15 minutes later than usual. Not bad. Went into a long pricing meeting at 9 am. No fun, because I’m taking off Monday and Tuesday to take Anna to orientation at UGA. Sounds like C and M are going as well. My phone battery has been cutting off at 45% because it’s so old. Don’t want it to cut off on me. I’m trying to finagle a higher priced iPhone 6 instead of a 5, but we’ll see. Pricing meeting lasted three hours and there’s more to do.

Learned that the last player ever to not wear a facemask was Garo Yepremian, with the Lions. New to football, Garo quickly changed his mind after a fierce tackle by Ray Nitschke. Falcon Tommy McDonald was the last non-kicker.  

Bobbleheads: traded for a nice sliding Paul Molitor Brewers giveaway. Activity is busy now but will be slow in the off season. Gotta make hay while the sun is shining.

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