Monday, June 08, 2015

The Week in Review

No surgery. The doctor has me wearing compression socks and taking drugs for a month. I go back in a month. He said walking was good but to not run, so maybe I will walk to Peachtree Road Race. We’ll see. The thigh high compression socks feel good but make me look like Kyle Korver.

Matthew cooked up a good chicken sauce for dinner Wednesday night. Ceil added beans and rice. Watched a good episode of The Middle. My fitbit told be it needed charging, and it wasn’t done before bedtime. Of course Barney kept waking me up. Then I forgot my fitbit Thursday morning.

I worked late Thursday and had to stop by the pharmacy to refill my prescription. And the detour was backed up so I had to take a longer route home. Will had just beaten me home and he was worn out from his 12 hour day. Ceil cooked spaghetti and meatballs. The game came up but I had to pick up M from his first day at work. He liked it. Anna had her El Felix interview and she starts next week. But have to work trial periods. This will be great if all five of us are working.

All the so called experts were calling in 680 Friday morning saying they knew LeBron couldn’t win it all by himself. They might be right, but where is their proof? They might be right be they’re probably wrong about 90% of the other stuff they run their mouths about. Everyone is all up in arms about the Braves bullpen losing games. They forget they all had predicted the Braves would lose 100 games. The Braves are still only on an 82 loss pace even with the bad bullpen. Soon three good relievers (including veteran Peter Moylan) will replace the worst offenders.  

Friday: Left work at 3 pm after a busy eight hours. Picked up my car from the shop (they found nothing wrong). Went home to pick up Barney’s leash then went to pick him up at the groomer. I had forgotten his collar and he wiggled out of the cheap collar/leach they’d given me, and Barney ran around the office. By the time they grabbed him (a few seconds) two big dogs came in the front door. Then Barney quietly went straight to the door to leave. Back home he was happy to get his collar back on.

Then I had to drive Matthew over to a church gathering in Smyrna near Campbell High School. Got him there just after seven. Will was taking a practice test at home and needed quiet. C and A were in Nashville. Too late to go to a ball game so I shopped and stopped by RaceTrace and Wendys. M said to pick him up at ten but it was eleven before he got out. On the way home we spent 20 long minutes in a slow Wendys drive through for Matthew. Didn’t get home until midnight.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs and worked on eBay. Will was leaving early for his 12:30 test so he dropped me off to pick up Anna’s Jeep at the shop in Roswell. Later I drove M to the Avalon to hang out with McKinnon. Since I was out I hit six rarely visited thrift stores and refilled at RaceTrac a total of six times. Also hit Wendys again.

Sunday morning Ceil and I went to Sunday School and worship at Johnson Ferry. Saw Margaret Dudley and several others – including the entire family of future in-laws EXCEPT Will and Mary-Clayton. Excellent Sunday School. Sermon series was on marriage. The young family pastor was assigned this week’s topic: It’s ok to be single. He was engaging and covered the topic, but it wasn’t groundbreaking information for anyone single or married (I was told Bryant’s sermon on sex the previous week was good). Down at Passion the sermon series is on relationships. Yesterday’s topic was Reconciliation and Resolution – sounded to be a little more in depth than at JFBC.

Watched the NFL Network’s biography of Mike Ditka. I had forgotten he played for the Eagles for two years after a contract dispute with George Halas. After a few seasons as an assistant coach in Dallas Ditka wrote Halas asking the Papa Bear to consider him for the Bears’ head coaching job down the road. I heard Alex Wood was tossed yesterday as well, but I didn't see the details.

Back in the 90’s I spent a month in Little Rock training employees there. The head of the department took a liking to me, even though others had a hard time with him because of the job he had to do. He always had a funny way of saying things. He moved to Atlanta to work in Purchasing for a few years before moving back to Little Rock. Since he knew I was a good egg I never had a problem getting what I needed. He is retiring tomorrow, and today he gave me a call to say goodbye. That was nice. Another lady retired just a few days ago. She worked with me for most of 2000 – 2010. She was a widow, and recently the estate had finally was settled so she was able to retire early. Since it is just her and she travels a lot she will sell her house and move in with one of her sons.

Fun to see every restaurant Dock’s dad stops at on his trip. I haven’t been keeping track but there has been a lot of Mexican. Also BBQ. If I were making that trip I might research places the Food Network has highlighted, or Man vs Food. But I went to The Vortex and didn’t order their jumbo cheeseburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches for a bun. One time NBA player Bo Outlaw was asked about his triple double he replied “What’s that, some kind of hamburger?”

I’ve traded bobbleheads with this fellow Brian in the past. He wanted to get his hands on a UGA Alex Wood bobblehead, so when I went to the game I bought an extra ticket and got one for him. Brian is a wheeler dealer that I knew could get me what I wanted, so I asked him to get me the Red Sox Louis Tiant bobblehead that was given away in late May. There aren’t many Red Sox bobblehead fans in our club so I thought it might not be easy. Brian worked it out, and yesterday the Tiant was delivered. Not sure where the mailman put it – the box must’ve been a little too big for the mailbox. He must’ve put it near the garage. Then Ceil came home and backed into the garage, got out of her car, and saw she had run over the box. So my Tiant is in 4 or 5 pieces. There is a guy in the club who fixes bobbles, so I might be getting in touch with him.

REID: Funny, Sabathia threw a pitch which the ump called a ball. The previous half inning the Angel pitcher threw the same pitch, and the ump called it a strike. Same location. Sabathia didn't say a word. He threw the next pitch which the batter hit into an inning ending double play. THEN Sabathia CHARGED the ump, and had to be restrained. Ump threw him out. Then Giraldi jumped the railing and came running out and I thought he was going to take the umps head off. He was tossed also.  Yanks won their 6th straight. !!!!

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