Friday, June 26, 2015

Falcons Number 17

As a kid quarterback Bob Berry (1968-1972 from Oregon, both above and below) was my favorite player. He was the first to lead the Falcons to respectability. A former Viking, Berry wore a comically large double bar face mask that utterly fascinated me.
Other number 17's: Punter Scott Fulhage (1989-1992 from Kansas State). The well-traveled Steve DeBerg (1998 from San Jose State) LOOKED like a veteran backup QB. Receivers Kevin Youngblood (2006 Clemson) and Tim Toone (2012 Weber State).
The most prolific kick return man in NFL history graced the Falcon roster last year: Devin Hester (2014 Miami).

NFL: Eagles WR Harold Carmichael set the record for most consecutive games with a catch. QB Billy Kilmer played with the 49ers, Saints, and Redskins. Washington LB Ritchie Petitbon. Cowboy QB Dandy Don Meredith. Hall of famers Turk Edwards and Red Badgro. MVP QB Jim Hart.

Braves:  “Channel 17” Andy Messersmith, Glenn Hubbard, Felix “The Kitten” Millan

Tech RB Orwin Smith set yards per carry records.

NBA: Celtics hall of famer John Hondo Havlicek won 8 championships and played in 13 all star games.

UGA: QB Matt Robinson. All American Greg Blue.

COMMENT: 17 is an above average number. I wore it for several years on the SPdL Blues softball team.

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