Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Arrived home last Friday night to discover that Ceil had bought a new charcoal grille. Our old gas grill had worn out and we threw it away months ago. She grilled chicken. Later I drove up to McFarland Road to retrieve Matthew. He had attended a concert in a hanger at a small private airport that had a grass runway. No nighttime lights, so it was pitch black. A great place to look at the stars. Later M said his friends got to eat at Waffle House with the band Sea Ghost (or was it The Scraps?).

Saturday morning I went to the doc in the box to have my leg checked. It hadn't improved since Tuesday. The person who examined it said it wasn't a blood clot but perhaps an infection or inflammation, and prescribed a strong antibiotic. Worked around the house Saturday afternoon. The MLB Network was showing Field of Dreams. Matthew came downstairs and sat on the couch right when the movie was coming on. He watched the whole thing, realizing that it is much more than a baseball movie. Last year for its 25th anniversary Bob Costas interviewed Kevin Cosner, Timothy Busfield, and other actors from the film. You know the movie is 25 years old when Ray attends a game at Fenway Park and buys two hot dogs and two beers for only seven bucks.

Ceil was downtown arranging flowers at a wedding all day. Will had studied most of the day then went on a bike ride. I took all W, A, and M out to eat. We were going to Moe's but when we parked facing Tijuana Joes we decided to go there. Anna got these fresh soft tacos with beans and rice. Matthew ordered the 2 chimichanga plate (with beans and rice) but of course only ate one. I got two burritos, beans, and rice but took home one burrito. Will ordered fahitas on top of potatoes. We had two to go boxes.

Sunday I cleaned upstairs and worked on eBay. Later we ate lunch at a nearby graduation party. Great, fresh Mexican food. I chatted with the dads for a while, then took M down to PCC. Back home I watched the Braves and The Middle while folding clothes. I had been on my feet all day and had walked more than I had any other day all week, and the swelling on my leg had spread. I scheduled an appointment at a real doctor, who took one look to determine it was a clot.
Had great service at my doctor in Johns Creek this morning. Once the diagnosis was determined while they were taking my blood the nurses were scheduling asap appointments for me. Yes, the term "STAT!" was used. There was early talk of sending me to the emergency room, but later it was determined it wasn't necessary. The MIR confirmed the blood clot is minor, not located on a main artery leading to the heart and lungs. I have been given medicine to take for 21 days (with a decreased dose after that). Next Monday I see the vascular doctor about the clot and varicose veins. The MIR lady said the varicose treatment made her legs feel and look a lot better – she had the same dark ankles that I have.

Glad I watched the Braves Sunday. Teheran didn't have his best stuff but it was Veal who lost the lead. The offense knocked Bumgardner out of the game, then didn't give up and knocked the closer out of the game as well. Then Grilli closed out the win. Splitting four in San Francisco isn't bad, and the Braves .500 record keeps them close in the division – third place. John Hart has no patience for players who aren't producing and doesn't mind making moves even in this "rebuilding" year.

Saturday night two guys attended the first of 30 games in all 30 MLB cities in 30 days. They drove from Chicago to Seattle to start the trip and Sunday attended the afternoon game in Oakland. They'll watch the Giants today then head to LA. Looks like they're eating more junk food than the guy last year from Detroit. Their website is www.30in30for30.com

Speaking of cross country trips, on May 23 Dock's dad embarked on a month long drive west with his wife. Usually he doesn't post much on Facebook but he's posting every restaurant and special place they visit. Kay, San Antonio, the Alamo, Midland, Carlsbad and Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Sequoyah NP, Yosemite, SF, Reno, Salt Lake, Bozeman, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Omaha, KC, St. Louis, and Nashville. After the first day I told him he was making me hungry.

REID: NO NO, NO the Braves offense did NOT win that game yesterday (Sunday). Braves had a man on first, and hit into what should have been a double play, and the shortstop boots the ball trying to hurry. Then on the very next play a pop up to right field that either the second baseman or the right fielder should have caught but let fall opened the door for the Braves win. I was laughing my head off.

ROB: It is amazing the Braves are 1 game over 500 with the bullpen as bad as it has been.  Johnson and Grilli are solid at the end - it is just the middle guys that have been so bad.  However, I think there is some internal options for the second half.  The steroid brothers - Vizcaino and McKirahan will be back in July.  Over the weekend, DOB mentioned that the organization thinks that Moylan has a shot to contribute later in the season.  Josh Outman might be back at some point.  Banuelos and Wisler are also pitching well at Gwinnett - they might bring them up and give them a chance to pitch some innings out of the pen.

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