Sunday, June 21, 2015

Falcons Number 14

June Jones (1977-1979) contributed more to Falcon history than meets the eye. Jones not only backed up golden boy quarterback Steve Bartkowski during his days as a partier. June counseled Bart and led him to Jesus. The more mature Bart went on to lead the Falcons to several playoff runs. Jones, from Portland State, later served as QB coach and eventually head coach. These many contributions, in addition to Jones' wicked Fu Machu, make June the greatest Falcon to wear 14.

Alabama's Steve Sloan (1966–67) competed against Joe Namath. Utah's Terry Nofsinger (1967). Jeff Komlo of Delaware (1982) and NC State's Erik Kramer (1987) were both Detroit castoffs. Stanford's Turk Schonert (1986). Bob Gagliano (1993). Penn State's Wally Richardson (1999). Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer from BYU (2004–05). 

Wide receiver Eric Weems (2007-11,14) - from Bethune-Cookman - may be the closest runner up.

NFL: Packer great Don Hutson. Giant and 49er QB Y.A. Tittle. Otto Graham of the Browns. Charger Dan Fouts. Bengal Ken Anderson should be in the Hall of Fame. Viking kicker Fred Cox.

Tech: Heisman runner-up Joe Hamilton.

UGA: All-American DB Terry Hoage garnered Heisman consideration. David Greene won more games than any other college QB. Also QB's Andy Johnson and Mike Bobo.

NBA: Oscar Robertson.

Braves: Julio Franco.

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