Friday, June 05, 2015

Senior Trips

To celebrate Caroline's high school graduation the Hargreaves flew off to Europe. Anna's future roommate Emily is in Paris. Best friend Brittany is spending the summer in Colorado. Slingshot expert Lily heads to London soon. This weekend Ceil is taking Anna to Nashville. They seem to be having a good time.
Last night Anna called wanting to know where the dragon mural was that we visited over five years ago (see photo on right). I thought it was near a popular pancake house. When I looked it up on my phone I found the street view. The mural was indeed right across from the restaurant.

I'm taking my meds and trying to taking it easy until my next appointment on Monday. Trying to keep my legs stretched out instead of tucked under my chair.

I need to get all of Matthew's Legos put together so I can sell them, to match up all the sets. I accidently knocked several large assemblies off the shelf. I'll have to make sure that same thing can't happen to my bobbleheads.

Monday night Will, MC, Ceil, Regina, and at least one Anna hit Perimeter Mall to register for the wedding. 
M had spent the day at Six Flags. I left work, drove home, changed clothes, and hit a few thrift stores on the way out to pick up M. Stopped at a RaceTrac in Smyrna for a drink refill. A lady walked up and asked if I wanted to buy a laptop. She said she was tired of carrying it.

Tuesday night Ceil went over to Nancy's after cooking burgers on the new grille. I saved mine for lunch today. Worked on the computer and rested on the couch. Watched "I Hate Christian Laettner" and the Top Ten Greatest Rushing seasons. Didn't realize Laettner had an older brother named Chris (who beat on Christian – instilling Laettner's competitive nature.

Bobblehead pickup: Duke, the Bush's Baked Beans Dog.

Six Flags just doesn't seem the same any more. Not like the old days. All the rides are roller coasters or rides that leave you drenched. Certainly nothing like Disney.

REID: I would love to go to Six Flags one more time before I die.

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