Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Birthday Dinner

Crazy day on Tuesday. Co-worker worked half a day. I set up 4 or 5 trucks, not my usual job duty but another guy is on vacation. Was almost 5:30 before I left for home. Stopped by Kroger for cheese, grits, ice cream, etc.
Will had come over to help C and M in the yard. Will put on a pair of my long pants to work in. They cleared out the back near the woods, which is always a chore. Moved a small tree. All our bushes and plants are looking good, and the yard is green thanks to the weeds. Ceil was going to do more today.
By the time I got home MC and Okie were there. Anna’s new friend Christian came over as well. This summer he is overseeing the youth interns at Grace Snellville Church. Dinner was spaghetti with beef meatballs, two types of noodles, tossed salad, and Italian bread. Chocolate birthday cake for MC with cactus flowers and two types of Bryers ice cream: vanilla and Oreo Chocolate Chip. Was cleaning up after everyone left, then had to zip back to Kroger for butter. Was almost 11 pm before I could sit down. Had the Braves game on.
This morning my small group met at 7 am. Joe cooked up some fancy bacon, Ceil made me some cheese grits to take, and host Rob whipped up scrambled eggs. While driving to work I had to call into our 9 am conference call, and the day took off from there. Two team members are out of the office today. Means I get hit with all the questions by coworkers here in the office, which makes getting everything done without overtime all the tougher. Of course, they’ve got to carry my load when I take off.  

Tuesday night Anna camped in tents at Joshua Tree National Park. Lunch in Palm Springs. By last night they had made it to San Clemente and the Pacific Ocean. We face-timed with her during dinner. Next is more California before Vegas, the Grand Canyon, several other national parks, before flying back from Salt Lake on June 3. Maybe Ceil and I will be able to fit in a vacation as well.   
I read a book titled "Younger Next Year" that says the secret to staying young is to work out / do something active six or seven days a month. I'm all signed up for the July 4 Peachtree Road Race with my kids Will and Anna - my 32nd out of the 50 they've put on.
Our Barney dog is still happy and healthy, but in his old age often likes to stay on the floor instead of hopping up on the couch next to Ceil. Barney loves to watch TV, looking for other dogs and crashes on insurance commercials. Will brought his dog Okie over this week.
Went to last Thursday's Braves game with a fellow Ryerson employee. We met up with four ex-employees - all young guys.

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