Sunday, May 26, 2019

Photo Sunday

The trip continues. Alex on Laguna Beach.

Saturday the drove to Las Vegas.
Today they're hanging out by the pool.
 I need to roll down my window before snapping pictures.

Above: Will, Thomas (L), and Zack (R) on Hilton Head.
Today Ceil and I dove downtown.
Westside Provisions and the bridge over the train tracks.
Stopped by Jeni's Ice Cream at Westside provisions on Howell Mill. I got Biscuits & Peach Jam and Brambleberry Crisp.
 You can't go to Ponce City Market without taking a picture.
 Monkey in the middle.
To celebrate the NFL's 100th season the Dolphins are breaking out these beauties. Since they're labeled as a color rush uniform, Miami can also wear their contrasting aqua throwback uniforms if they so choose. 
The Reds wore their 1919 throwback uniform this past weekend,
the third of twelve throwbacks they're wearing
to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

 Above: a team in last year's Little League World Series wore WE>ME instead of names on the backs of their jerseys. A Cobb County high school basketball team did so as well, and more and more teams are picking up on the growing trend.
Below: my new white Nikes.
I've been remiss to not drop in my old high school pal friendly Bob Brewster, now a mild-mannered vet in Athens. Bob doesn't do social media. Imagine that! When I transferred to Miller Junior High in 8th Grade, Bob was one of my first new friends. More on Bob next week.

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