Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Rocks Cry Out

Attended a lecture last Wednesday night at JFBC with my friend Lee. Hadn’t seen him in a while so we had a lot to catch up on. When we were getting close to the meeting room (the Chapel) we could hear a buzz. We walked in and the place was full – 175-200 people easy. Turns out these lectures are regular events, put on by 
This lecture was titled “A critique of Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory and Theistic Evolution.” Theistic Evolution purports God created the building blocks and then sat back and watched everything evolve -  as opposed to the Genesis account of God actually creating Adam and Eve (Intelligent Design). Science has proven that all people can be traced back to two ancestors.
Agnostic author Thomas Nagel says Darwin’s theories will be debunked within the next generation. Scientists like Nagel are publishing books confirming Darwin’s theories are incorrect, in all three major areas of macroevolution: (1) abiogenesis, (2) mechanism of selection and mutation, and (3) common ancestry. (1) and (2) are so shaky that scientists are turning away from them. Experts have tried to trace back to one single common ancestor “cell”, but the best they can do is a complex compound with 473 cells they call “Luca.” With hundreds of thousands of building blocks, this too screams of intelligent design.  
There are signals all through nature pointing us to God. Many refuse to listen, instead devising complicated theories to avoid having to admit obvious truths. After years of study scientists confirm there is little junk in DNA, disproving early theories. Like computers, DNA has folders with files of information stored in them, not used until called upon. One cell contains 30 million on/off switches that can attach to DNA, allowing it to perform different ways: as the liver, lungs, etc.
Blood clotting requires 20 enzymes to all work in a specific order. Darwin theory’s (nor science) can neither explain nor recreate this in a test tube. Another signal of intelligence.      
One species of monkey, the platyrrhine, can be found in Africa and South America, but based on the fossil record the only way they could’ve had a common ancestor was for two young monkeys, male and female, to have ridden a raft across the Atlantic Ocean. Some scientists actually hold to this belief. The fossils of dragonflies, jellyfish, bats, and other creatures show no evolution or changes in “millions” of years.
In his book “Darwin Devolves,” author Behe explained how that over time cells break down instead of becoming more complex. A breakdown in cells can cause blue eyes instead of brown. Polar bears “evolved” due to a cell breakdown causing them to grow extra blubber, allowing them to survive in colder climes. Even the blunt-nosed finches Darwin observed on Galapagos Island came about by a breakdown in cells. These birds could weather droughts far easier than their straight-nosed cousins. These finches aren’t turning into penguins.
In the book “Undeniable”, the author Axe describes how one tiny change in one protein cell requires seven mutations, all highly unlikely. As an equation, the likelihood of this one change happening randomly in nature is (1/100,000,000) x (1/100,000,000) x (1/1000,000,000) x (1/100,000,000) x (1/100,000,000) x (1/100,000,000) x (1/100,000,000). Best I can tell the answer is the number one preceded by 56 decimal points. All the more, secular scientists are admitting that intelligent design was required to form the universe and world around us. While scientists point to microevolution in cells as proof, this is completely different from fish crawling onto land, evolving into monkeys and then humans.  
At the end the speaker allowed time for questions, and there were several. He listed two good sources of information: and

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