Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Spruce Goose

Anna is in Costa Mesa CA near Newport Beach, just south of Long Beach and Anaheim. They’re near the Queen Mary and where the Spruce Goose used to be stored, before it was moved to Portland Oregon. On Google Maps you can zoom in to see the Queen Mary. Docked next to it is the Carnival Cruise ship Imagination, which is larger than the Queen Mary. I remember flying into Los Angeles in 1991 and flying over Long Beach and seeing the Queen Mary. 

Later they visited the Malibu Pier.
Looks like the Evergreen Museum has two 747 jumbo jets parked outside.

Sometimes that traffic headed over to San Destin can be tough. Are they making any headway on the road construction?
Wednesday: left work about 5:30 again. Dropped off clothes at Goodwill. Ceil was at her small group but I didn’t stop to get something to eat. Got home and ate leftover cheese grits. Watched Jeopardy, Chicago Med, The Kids are Alright, Schooled, and some of the Braves.
Thursday: another game, another Austin Riley achievement.
At last week's Braves game one of my regular friends was sporting a special Gwinnett Stripers Austin Riley jersey - autographed even.

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