Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Anna's Graduation

Today was Anna's UGA School of Art graduation ceremony,
held inside the UGA Performing Arts Center in South Campus.
After parading in to their seats and several speakers,
the graduates took turns marching across the stage.
We sat with Alan and Marie Black, a Johnson Ferry couple we've known for over 15 years. Their daughter Meghan had been in Anna's class all four years.

Anna received the 2019 Dodd School of Art coin from the school president. Yes, he's wearing shorts (I think) and red Pony sneakers. 


One of the more interestingly decorated motor boards.
Partner in crime Phillip was rocking white Stan Smiths.
After the ceremony we walked over to see Anna's final project: three unique bound books meant to be read by two friends sitting across from each other.
In honor of their graduation Anna's landlord planted seven flowering plants outside their house: one for each roommate.

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