Thursday, May 02, 2019

Braves Padres

Took a long lunch and drove over to check out today's Braves / Padres 12:10 game. Beautiful cloudless sky. Made it just in time for the national anthem. Had the company seats on the first full section past the visitor's dugout, row 8 (vacant in the picture below, where the fan is walking).
Wednesday night Blooper tricked Machado into signing over his $300 million dollar contract, but this morning Manny snuck up and stole the check back.
Hard to tell, but Manny Machado had a strong sock game. Speaking of socks, I used the concessions money loaded on the tickets to buy the on field striped socks worn by Dansby and others. Also a royal pair with the feather from the 70's, pictured in my post from last month.
Having to get back to work, I only watched the first inning. Mary-Clayton was coming to the game with three coworkers, so I let them sit in the nice seats. I also picked up a free Acuna bobblehead and visited with Miss Marion, the usher.
When Miss Marion saw me carrying two bags,
she went over and gave me a cool red jersey bag.
Down several runs, rarely-used Charlie Culbertson pitched the last inning. He notched his first major league strikeout with an inside curveball.
 Took a little time to spot jerseys.
Guy next to me was wearing a Macon Braves cap.

 Two good-looking Chinese knock-offs.
 This guy wouldn't stop messing with his hair.
Hustled back to the parking lot so I could get back to work, only to find my car blocked on all four sides. Nice. Was able to back out around in between the SUV and tractor trailer.
Speaking of cars, here's the 2017 Subaru Forrester W&MC bought last night. MC was so excited that she showed me her new Subaru key. MC represented, wearing Will's new Braves cap and powder blue Braves tee. I wore my navy Heyward jersey, matching navy road cap, Braves socks, and blue Nikes.

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