Sunday, May 05, 2019

Sunday Photos

Had a post ready to go but was too busy to remember to post it yesterday.
I'll have to make up for it sometime this month.
Tonight I'll just post some photos from the week. 
Below: Anna at Wal-Mart with her friend Christain.
Gotta get him a different shirt.
I missed the end of today's Braves game. Young Max Fried scored from first on a double into the left field corner,
clad in classic Braves striped stockings.
The kid hesitated oh so slightly rounding third,
then lost his helmet heading home.
Braves third base coach Ron Washington knew the Marlins would have to make two perfect catch and throws to tag out Fried.
Even with the throw arriving well before the runner,
with the game on the line the Marlins weren't able to make the putout.

I heard the Braves bullpen is the best in the National League.
Doesn't matter. Fans will still complain.  
 Ender copied Markakis.
 Saturday the Reds wore throwbacks from the 1902 season.
 Sunday the Reds wore 1911 throwbacks.

Hard to see, but we have bean sprouts reaching for the sky.

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