Monday, May 20, 2019

Heaven > Earth

Looking back at the calendar, I've been on the go every weekend since late March. This weekend there were things I just had to get done.

Friday we had Mellow Mushroom pizza for the lunch meeting, and I ate a piece before I left work at 5:30. Ceil needed to take something back to Perimeter Mall, so I was her driver.

No small group Saturday morning but there was a bunch of stuff to do that had been put off all spring. Cleaned upstairs, got out my summer clothes (finally), and put away winter clothes. Piled up a carload of clothes to give away, primarily t-shirts, which I hardly ever wear. My Corolla was past due for an oil change, and the grass needed cutting as well. Blew off the driveway after that. Got a lot done. Ceil cooked Mexican.

Sunday school and worship. Maybe a church wouldn't have to cut out worship services, and might attract more new people IF THEIR SERVICES DIDN'T LAST AN HOUR AND A HALF. At least cut out a song or three, and more cut back from five or six verses to two or three. Sure many Christians enjoy coming together to worship, but visitors might feel trapped when the service goes on and on. Heaven will definitely be better. I think I sang in the Sanctuary Choir but sure can't remember. I have no memory of Wednesday night practices. Would be fun to have a reunion.

Of course I was talking about the contemporary service. Singing hymns out of the hymnal never seems to drag out, unless you're singing all four verses or several hymns back to back. North Point rarely made announcements because they were in the short one page bulletin. JFBC has followed NP's lead and broadcasts an announcement video before the service, narrated by a cool-looking don't you want to be just like me audience member.

Our Sunday School lesson this week was on Matthew 6: Beware of practicing your righteousness before others to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. The chapter goes on to specify when giving to the needy, when praying, and when fasting - first implying that we should be doing all three. Teacher Brian is also on staff, and he said staff members need to be all the more careful. You can see it in the services.

Brian mentioned that the chapter also implied that in addition to giving, praying, and fasting, we should also be wary of practicing any other righteous acts in an effort to be seen and noticed by others. Some post everything they think or do on social media. Not really conducive to what Jesus is saying here.

Jim Dennison has had several good daily columns lately. Guess I am going to have to break down and subscribe. A little more substance than some of the other columns out there that identify problems but don't offer solutions.

PGA: watched a little on Saturday and Sunday. Koepka joined Snead, Palmer, Nicklaus, and Woods as back to back winners of the PGA. Tough course. Tough competition. Brooks saved all his bogeys for Sunday's back nine. Considering only Dustin Johnson made a run (before faltering at the end) Koepka should be commended for the close win.

NBA: want to see Milwaukee make a run to see their superstar, but I'd always been a Gasol fan. And anyone who can be compared to MJ is worth watching. Hopefully the Eastern winner can provide competition for Golden State. Watched the end of the Western Conference game this weekend and it seemed anti-climactic.

Braves have won three of their last four series, beating both St. Louis and Milwaukee. Folty seems to be slowly getting back to his all-star self. Reliever Luke Jackson had allowed two runs in six weeks. Donaldson batting .435 with runners in scoring position and .308 with runners on base.

Sunday afternoon I did laundry and took the CRV for an oil change and car wash, after spending 30 minutes cleaning everything out of it. Bagged up more clothes for Goodwill. Sunday night watched Last Man Standing and Hallmark Channel. Was able to catch up on emails and other computer stuff. Still got more to do.
On the way to work this morning my Corolla hit 200,000 miles.

Mary-Clayton's birthday is this week, so we'll be eating dinner with them one night. Will is helping Ceil with some yardwork tomorrow. Anna crosses over into California today, to visit Salvation Mountain and camp at Joshua Tree National Park.

Hated to miss Kathy Simms visitation and memorial service. Connie Morris made it.

Matthew brought home another interesting flavor of potato chips last night.  
Learning new stuff from this JFK Jr book: The Good Son. Did not know that in the years after the assassination Jackie had affairs with brother-in-laws RFK and Peter Lawford. After his time in the White House JFK Jr had taken an interest in flying - he had been fascinated by the helicopters and had ridden in the copter from the White House to Andrews AFB when his parents embarked on their ill-fated trip to Dallas. On birthdays JFK Jr would be given toy planes (like Air Force One) and helicopters. Turned into a lifetime love of flying - his eventual demise.

No discussion of bugs is complete without turning to The Gnat Line. Bring up Google and type in "GNAT L" and "gnat line" pops up third. Not surprised to find an article from the Macon Telegraph.

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