Monday, May 06, 2019

First Bite: Coalition FB

How was your weekend? I got some restaurant stories for you. Was well after six before I left work last Wednesday. Stopped by Chickfila to use an expiring sandwich coupon I had just learned about on the way to work, when I stopped to use my chicken minis coupon. Then the boss brought CFA biscuits and tater tots. When I got the sandwich I saw the new coupon for a lime ice cream shake, so I got that as well. 
Then my phone started buzzing about two hot parts. Spent a decent amount of time calling and texting to get those things taken care of – both on the way home and on into the evening. Between the calls and texts we ate supper with Matthew. Chicken & vegetable stir fry over very thin noodles. Helped clean up. Hilarious episode of The Kids Are Alright. After that C watched a PBS show. I stayed up late to watch the end of the movie Crazy Stupid Love.
Thursday night I kept working until almost 9 pm, finishing one of several projects I got going. Entered a bunch of orders and tried to clear off as much work as possible.
Friday was another chaotic day, putting out fires and not getting many projects done. My customer was all set to work on Saturday, so I was setting up several special trucks to deliver parts that would be needed – at least five or six special trucks. Lunch meeting catered by Jason’s Deli plus another celebratory cake. Worked until 4:30 then snuck out a little early. Knowing I was in for a busy evening, I posted to my blog earlier then usual.
Picked up Ceil and barely made it on time to a marriage conference at the Ravinia Hotel across from Perimeter Mall. We had attended years ago before we had kids. Couples of all ages. 650 in attendance. One guys was wearing a “Caution: I’m Not Listening” t-shirt. May not have been the best choice for the occasion.
Saturday for lunch we ate at the El Azteca in Sandy Springs. Roswell Road and most of the businesses were busy. Poor service at El Azteca, which wasn’t good because we had to get back to the conference. I was going to order a lunch special, then at the last second realized the lunch specials were for weekdays only. I ordered Ceil what she wanted then switched to a combo platter, more food than I needed. Was full the rest of the day.
At 4:30 we headed home. Let Barney out. Ceil took a nap on the couch. I went upstairs and fell into a deep sleep. Later we went out to eat. Didn’t want to do to the crowded Avalon, so I drove through downtown Alpharetta. Lots of new fancy restaurants right on Highway 9, all jammed with people. I was in no hurry to eat. Turned left and found a parking place. Saw a restaurant not far away, and wound up eating there.

Coalition Food and Drink: American food with their chef’s unique twists. Bacon meatloaf. Unique vegetable plate. The burger looked good but I went with the chicken salad sandwich. Plus a ton of very good French fries. Ceil got the salmon over a bed a rice, and a glass of wine. I took home half the sandwich and fries. Ceil took home some of hers as well.   

Slept hard again. Woke up in the middle of the night and realized I hadn’t posted on my blog on Saturday. I try to post every day and I had a post all ready to go, but forgot. I’ll have to make up for it later this month.
Sunday morning the conference went from nine to noon. Then Ceil took back some things at Perimeter Mall. Had the Coalition leftovers for lunch. Watched some of the Braves, then left for my 4 pm small group. Afterwards I drove over to the office and worked past nine.
Stopped by Kroger on the way to work this morning, for breakfast and lunch items.     
Drew may have asked about me because I haven’t been on Facebook much lately.
Heard something somewhere…not sure what the stat is, ERA or what, but supposedly every National League team’s bullpen is worse than the Braves.
Heard about Jon Bershears.
Houck’s sounds good. Glavine might’ve been over at his kid’s school, Blessed Trinity.
Reading the autobiography of Suzy Favor Hamilton, the Olympic distance runner in the 1990’s whose bipolar disorder caused her a lifetime of struggle - and mixed results as a professional runner. Makes his husband look like a saint for supporting and standing by her through all her struggles.

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