Wednesday, May 01, 2019

May 2019 Bobbleheads

Please enjoy my May 2019 list of bobbleheads SGAs and other interesting major and minor league giveaways. As always, this list is far from comprehensive. In fact please let me know what I’ve left off. Also: are all these photos I’m adding a good thing, or do they take too much away from the list?
Answer me this: is the Reds Hall of Fame giving away a bobblehead of the month this year, as they have in years past?
Lots of complaints about Gwinnett giving away the same bobbles the Braves are giving away this year. Give them a break. The Stripers were without a general manager during the key bobblehead planning months last fall. When the new promotions-minded GM came on board after New Year’s he may not have had time to special order a series of unique bobbles. Hopefully next year will be better, but darn it remember free bobbleheads are a gift – not a right like universal health care, cell phones, and free college education.     
It’s amazing to me how many bobbles are given away each month.  You wonder when bobbles will peak, yet every year there are more and more. The advent of the special ticket giveaway is a double-edged sword: the bobble is guaranteed but at a premium price. Is this better or worse? Discuss!
5.02 THU Reds HOF BH? 
5.03 FRI Long Island Ducks Wally Backman
5.04 SAT MIL Orlando Calrissian Star Wars BH
5.04 SAT CIN Mr Redlegs BH 20000
5.04 SAT NYY CC Sabathia Jedi BH picture
5.04 SAT WILM Star Wars Jedi Rocky Skywinkle
5.04 SAT Omaha Star Wars Casey the Bluebacca
5.04 SAT CWS Star Wars R2D2 BH
5.04 SAT Mudcats Rocky Skywinkle BH 1000
5.05 SUN MIL Jeremy Jeffress
5.05 SUN Nashville Sugar Skull BH 2000
5.07 TUE Clippers C Eric Haase 1000
5.07 TUE Astros Jake Marisnick dueling GOT BH
5.07 TUE Lehigh Valley Cole Irvin GOT BH
5.10 FRI Altoona Loco The Last Locotami Spinner
5.10 FRI Cubs Cole Hamels Hang Loose BH 10000
5.10 FRI UGA graduation at Sanford Stadium
5.10 FRI Timber Rattlers Sugar Skull 1000
5.10 FRI STL Yadier & Clemente double BH 30000
5.11 SAT Scranton @JimmyRollins11
5.11 SAT Mobile Paul Goldschmidt BH
5.11 SAT SF Let Pablo Pitch BH 30000
5.11 SAT Sugarland Pete Incaveglia GOT BH
5.13 MON PHIL Sir Anthony GOT BH
5.15 WED Reds Queen Rosie GOT BH special ticket
5.15 WED Nats Trea Turner
5.16 THU UGA mini-helmet giveaway 750
5.16 THU SEA Mitch Haniger GOT BH special ticket
5.16 THU ATL Josh Donaldson 15000
5.17 FRI Rome Johan Camargo 1000
5.17 FRI House of (Teddy) Roosevelt GOT BH 1500
5.17 FRI Quakes Justin Turner Star Wars BH
5.17 FRI ARIZ Zack Godley GOT BH
5.17 FRI Frisco GOT BH
5.18 SAT SEA Ken Griffey Jr BH 20000
5.18 SAT Reds Ernie Lombardi 20000
5.18 SAT CIN Woodstock BH special ticket
5.18 SAT NW ARK Whit Merrfield GOT BH
5.18 SAT Syracuse Tim Tebow BH
5.19 SUN ATL kids B-Rush 5000
5.20 MON SF Bruce Bochy GOT BH
5.20 MON SF Brandon Crawford GOT dragon BH
5.21 TUE Trenton Bat Dog Rookie 1500
5.21 TUE BALT GOT night
5.21 TUE STL Rex Hudler BH special ticket
5.21 TUE Clippers RP Shawn Armstrong 1000
5.22 WED Richmond Culbertson bobble-hair 1000
5.24 FRI Mudcats Sugar Skull
5.24 FRI STL Marcell Ozuna BH in 1 or 4 jerseys 30000
5.24 FRI STL Margaritaville Hawaiian shirts special ticket
5.25 SAT River Bandits Joe Mauer
5.25 SAT Quakes Mike Trout diving catch
5.25 SAT CLE Francisco Lindor BH
5.25 SAT Akron Back to the Future BH
5.25 SAT Daytona Tortugas BH
5.25 SAT Potomac Adam Eaton Mighty Mouse BH
5.25 SAT Nats Marvel Capt. Zimmerman BH
5.25 SAT Montgomery Biscuits Greenbow Biscuit
5.25 SAT Gwinnett Acuna ROY 2500
5.27 MON Gwinnett mystery giveaway 500
5.28 TUE ATL David Murphy autograph night
5.29 WED ATL trucker caps 15000
5.29 WED LAD Seinfeld 30th anniversary baseball special ticket
5.30 THU TEX night king BH
5.31 FRI Trenton Luis Severino  
5.31 FRI CIN Darth Vader BH special ticket
6.01 SAT CIN Joe Morgan BH 20000
6.02 SUN CIN Reds Museum BH?
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