Friday, May 24, 2019

Read All About It

The next generations won’t know the pleasure of reading newspapers in the morning. As a kid we used to get the Macon Telegraph and Atlanta Journal. I got hooked reading Lewis Grizzard, Furman Bisher, Jessie Outlar, and Harley Bowers. Dear Abby and Ann Landers. Charlie Brown, Mark Trail, The Phantom, Steve Canyon, Dick Tracy, Gil Thorpe. Later The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes.  Box scores, TV listings, celebrity sightings, and movie reviews.
At Tech we got the newspaper at the Baptist Center. Every day in Harriet’s office me and my buddies would fight over each section. On Saturday mornings I’d crawl out of bed, unlock the doors, and read the paper out on the front steps. On Sundays we’d get back from church, watch football, and read the paper while munching on leftover donuts from that morning.
When I moved to Hillpine we subscribed to the paper, and kept receiving it for years. I remember making the decision to stop reading the funny papers because I really didn’t have the time. My father in law subscribed to the Charlotte Observer and State newspaper out of Columbia. When we went to the beach he’s take along quarters to get the newspapers out of machines. Each year he’d have to figure out which stores carried which paper.  In later years I’d go out to get it for him.
Eventually I finally dropped our newspaper subscription. We were busy with the kids and getting more news off the internet. Unread papers would pile up. These days I rarely look at I get most of my sports news off Twitter: Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Grizz Gaming. During the football season I still check for Tech news, cause it’s just about the only source.
When I go to Macon it’s fun to sit at the kitchen table and read the paper. The comics are smaller and not as funny as they used to be. Most of the stories seem like yesterday’s news, since I’m used to receiving breaking news instantaneously on my watch and phone. And none of the late scores make the deadline.  
The movies like to romanticize lounging around reading the Sunday paper. Soon that too will become a thing of the past.  
The Braves have won four of their last five series. Forgot they were playing Thursday afternoon, so I didn’t listen on the way home. Got home after 7:30 and did some stuff. Eventually plopped down on the couch and looked at my phone: top of the 13th inning. Turned on the TV just after Riley had knocked in Dansby with the go-ahead run. Luke Jackson closed out the bottom of the inning to earn the win. Riley had two hits (including his fifth home run) and 3 RBI.
Anna is in Beverly Hills today. Last night they went to the Griffith Observatory. W&MC are headed to Hilton Head. We’re headed up to Highlands NC on a day trip, since we are keeping Okie this weekend.
Thursday C was over at a friend’s house so I took the long way home and stopped by three rarely visited stores. Tried on a pair of Nikes and noticed they weren’t too different from the pair I was already wearing. Guess I really don’t need them. I passed on them and another pair and also passed on a Falcons #7 Mike Vick jersey that wasn’t too different from my Brett Favre Falcons jersey. Passed on a nice FootJoy / Titleist golf shirt cause I already have enough black golf shirts. Did buy a nice black vest.
Supper was grilled chicken and a new healthier mashed potato dish that had sweet potato and carrots (or something). Also tossed salad. Can’t remember what was on TV. C wanted to watch one of her Amazon shows. M had already eaten tacos.

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