Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Hawkeye's Hawaiian Shirt

MASH: when I was at Tech the show was still on TV, but also showing reruns several times every day. A group of us would watch at the Baptist Center, and I’d always wear my orange Hawaiian shirt to be like Hawkeye. I had somehow “borrowed” the shirt from my grandfather, and still have it tucked away in the attic. I’ve had it 40 years, and my grandfather might’ve owned it for ten years before that. At one point I had my mom sew a little Izod LaCoste alligator logo on the front. The shirt needs to be passed along.
I also have my old Baskin Robbins employee shirt and name tag. An old high school football jersey and letter jacket, and my square-toed kicking shoe. My backgammon board from college. My BSU intramural jersey. Will used to wear my “The Backboard is My Friend” t-shirt.
Was just reading about how like in baseball, the old ways of thinking in football are starting to change. Two things of several: (1) smaller QBs can win and (2) overpaying receivers is detrimental to overall success.
QB’s like Fran Tarkenton and Drew Brees have proven that size isn’t the most important factor. Same with Baker Mayfield. There are plenty of great QB’s who were big, but even more cruddy big QBs. Same with small QBs, I say. Tarkenton and Brees were relentless in their practice habits, leadership skills, and work ethic. Those factors are more what wins championships and determines QB success than size, speed, or even arm strength. Deshaun Watson is also a great leader and hard worker. We’ll see how Kyler Murray turns out.
A look at the long list of Super Bowl-winning rosters shows that for the most part, most of these teams do not have high-priced wide receivers. Jerry Rice may be the lone exception. Elite pass catchers like Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Terrell Owens, Dez Bryant, Odel Beckham, Antonio Brown, or even Julio Jones have not won a Super Bowl as the main focus of the team. The Giants and Steelers struggled with Beckham and Brown, and may have improved by letting them go, freeing up salary space to pay players at other key positions. These days a receiver drafted in the later rounds can be just as productive as a high-priced number one pick. The Patriots sign free agent slot receivers and win Super Bowls. The Falcons could learn something here.
Same with running backs, who take such a beating and get injured so often. After a few productive years they ask for big money. Better to let them walk and sign a rookie. Just like what we’re seeing in baseball.     
SPdL ECS - I worked there during the 1981-1982 school year.
Monday I worked until 8 pm. Rushed over to the library to check out three new books. More of the same type books. I need to do more research to find better books. Usually I just hit the library and pick out what’s interesting. Not much selection, few new books.
Checked out “The Good Son” about JFK Jr. Learned that on his fateful flight, before he crashed he had narrowly avoided a collision with an airliner not long after takeoff. The plane was new to him. He may not have known it only took pushing two buttons to engage the autopilot, which could have landed the plane safely.    
Last week the Reds called up rookie outfielder Nick Senzel. In his first five games the Reds are wearing five different uniforms.
Received my new red-pinstriped 1976 Andy Messersmith  Braves jersey in the mail yesterday, with CHANNEL 17 on the back. Might be one of my favorites.

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