Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Salvation Mountain to Joshua Tree

 There's no place like home.
 Camping at Joshua Tree National Park.


The girls roll on. Camping in Joshua Trip National Park, then on to San Clemente and the Pacific Ocean, where she facetimed us before dinner.

Monday: They cut out overtime at work but our customer planned a conference call for 5:30 pm. Was almost 7 pm when I got home. Ceil had to run to the Avalon but had cooked chicken stir fry. Watched the pilot for Big Bang Theory, the new Jeopardy champ win another $89,000.00, and the movie Apollo 13 - then some Braves before bed.
Never heard of the Braves restaurant at the Airport. Surprised they haven't featured it on the show Atlanta Eats. I still say you would like that show, even if you can hear it well.

After dinner tonight we had chocolate cake to celebrat MC's upcoming birthday.

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