Friday, May 03, 2019

Crazy Busy

Wednesday: must’ve been a busy morning for me. Flew by. Was well after six before I left work yesterday. Stopped by Chickfila to use an expiring sandwich coupon I had just learned about on the way to work, when I stopped to use my chicken minis coupon. Then the boss brought CFA biscuits and tater tots. When I got the sandwich I saw the new coupon for a lime ice cream shake, so I got that as well. 
Then my phone started buzzing about two hot parts. Spent a decent amount of time calling and texting to get those things taken care of – both on the way home and on into the evening.
Between the calls and texts we ate supper with Matthew. Chicken & vegetable stir fry over very thin noodles. Helped clean up. Hilarious episode of The Kids Are Alright. After that C watched a PBS show. I stayed up late to watch the end of the movie Crazy Stupid Love.
Took a fun break on Thursday. Left work at 11:10 am and drove through heavy traffic to SunTrust. Tried a new parking spot that was closer to the park. Walked briskly, arriving just before the national anthem. Picked up our season ticket Acuna bobblehead then ran into a friend. Made it to my seat in the sunshine just as the Braves were taking the field. Watched the first inning.
Mary-Clayton was coming to the game with coworkers. They had upper level seats. I had to get back to work, so I headed over to the clubhouse store. Got plenty of caps, jerseys, t-shirts, and golf shirts, so I got two pair of on-field Braves socks, one like Dansby wears. Said hello to my usher friend, who gave me a nice big red shopping bag to put my two smaller bags in.
Met MC at the gate to give her the tickets, then hoofed it back to the car. Arrived at the parking lot to find my car blocked in on all sides by a tractor trailer. Not good. Luckily I was able to back out in my little car. The whole way back to the office I was making arrangements to take care of hot orders for work. Got back to the office around 1:30.
Crazy busy. Customer super busy and battling challenges to get them parts.
Need to finish five big projects and two smaller ones before I take off next week. Not getting much done during the day due to the constant hot orders and interruptions. Wound up working until almost 9 pm last night, completing one project and getting as much miscellaneous work done as I could.  Could’ve worked a couple more hours.
Coworker brought in gourmet donuts this morning, but so far I’ve resisted. Lunch meeting today catered by Jason’s Deli.
Leaving a little early this afternoon to pick up Ceil. Got a marriage conference all weekend. Going out to dinner someplace nice on Saturday night. Small group Sunday afternoon. Need to come back and work Sunday night, but I probably won’t. Taking off next Wednesday Thursday and Friday for Anna’s graduation. I’ve probably told you that several times already.
Read a Ted Williams article. Good stuff. Wild that the plane skidded a mile after it crash landed. I still thing a military stint would’ve done me good. Playing high school football under my hard-nosed coaches did toughen me up, but I’m sure that was nothing like the military.
Had a dream I was at a house on the course of a celebrity golf tourney. Kevin Costner and Raj from Big Bang Theory were in it. Even the caddies were celebrities. Then they all came to a Halloween party at the house. It was the Norman’s house, and there were lots of rooms and a big basement. Lots of supposed celebrities, most young that I didn’t know.
I’m trying to figure out if I’d like bleu cheese grits or not. Saw where L won his game. Maybe they can get on a roll.
Houck’s sounds good. Glavine might’ve been over at his kid’s school, Blessed Trinity.
I’m pretty sure all three of my kids registered with the selective service, as I recall. When they turned 18. There was no draft any more by the time I came of age, I don’t think. Can’t remember if I registered back then or not.
Reading the autobiography of Suzy Favor Hamilton, the Olympic distance runner in the 1990’s whose bipolar disorder caused her a lifetime of struggle - and mixed results as a professional runner. Makes his husband look like a saint for supporting and standing by her through all her struggles.

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